1. Naturally Nae says

    Great post! I’m really still learning what clothes look best for my body type. I feel as though I’m a combination of Apple and Hourglass. Because I’m tall, almost six feet and carry most of my weight from the hip up but I do cut in at the waist giving me the hour glass shape. I really appreciate this post, it helps A LOT!

  2. Koli says

    Great guide! I also learned a lot from the book the Science of Sexy, VERY helpful in delving into more detail with the topic you started. Thanks!

  3. Anna says

    No…according to you…I am an apple…big boobs, great legs but your model has my boobs w/way off legs…I get the “define a waist ” thing but tell me how to accentuate what I have….how can I get that from your model who doesn’t exemplify what you are describing

    • alissa says

      Hi Anna,
      Your comment sounds very aggressive. NOt sure why. Actually, the model we chose as an apple shape very much falls in that category. If you can see by the photo, her outfit is styled in a way that gives her more of a shapely figure. I didn’t make up the requirements for the apple shape. The details I listed for an apple shape are FACTS. If you don’t agree with the person I chose to exemplify the apple shape, BY ALL MEANS, please google and find another site that you feel helps you more.

      • Lisa says

        GREAT response! And great article. I have a bit of a different issue. My shape has always been pretty symmetrical (hourglass, I suppose) even when I gained weight. But then I hit middle age and developed a big belly that is hard to hide and even harder to get rid of. Many of the styles used to wear look terrible on n me now. Any suggestions?

  4. Karine says

    Hi, great article. I still find myself with issues figuring out what would look good on me. I’m like a mix of apple and rectangle; small bust, big waist and hips the same size as waist and bust (44, 46, 45) with most weight in front of my waist (makes me look pregnant). Everything I find that would fit my waist is WAY TOO BIG at the bust section. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Ashton says

    I’m a plus size pear shaped woman and I do a lot of videos on plus size fashion on my YouTube channel. I find this article very helpful and I give it a big thumbs up. If anyone is interested in my channel, my channel name is FashionMeCurvy.

    • Rach says

      That’s a rectangle I’d say.
      I’ve been that rectangle all my life, lower sizes and plus size.
      As I age I find the hardest part is accentuating the top half while hiding a prominent belly.
      I’d say there’s some good ideas here for us.

  6. Birchi says

    Nice post for super moms have great and plus size figure. I am really impressed with the styles and looks you explained in this post. Actually every lady need these types of tips and I am also. I will really apply your tips on myself. Thanks Again

  7. Derek McDoogle says

    I did not know the fact that the most common shapes in women are apple, pear, hourglass, and a rectangle. My aunt says that it’ s hard for her to find clothes for her since she wears plus sizes. I will share this article with her so she can have a better idea of what type of clothes will fit better on her.

    • alissa says

      Hi! Thank you for your comment I listed the body types above that relate to your body description. It sounds like you fall in the apple shape body type.

  8. Denise says

    Hi. I didn’t fall in a category with your calculations. Bust 44, waist 45, hip 48. I think that puts me as a rectangle/apple. (Have a pregnant looking belly). Please help me with style ideas or info you might have on good affordable shapewear. I have purchased some online in the past and it wouldn’t even fit on my upper thigh! Lol

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