This Plus Size Wall Calendar Inspires Women To Have Body Confidence

Hey curvy girls all over the world,  

We love when women come together to empower other women. Its inspiring when women uplift one another. Recently, fashion blogger Bianca McDonnell unveiled her 2018 “Be In Your Skin” Plus Size Editorial Wall Calendar to empower body confidence. As a young girl, Bianca says, I was obsessed with the fantasy of fashion editorial magazines but felt isolated from fashion because of my size. This is part of the reason I, in 2015, started blogging and started the #BEinyourskin movement. “

Plus size calendar B Word

To create the plus size calendar, Bianca reached out to her favorite bloggers and influencers. She wanted to honor the legacy of editorial fashion calendars. In addition, McDonnell said she wanted to “create a space where plus size women could be seen in an editorial, artful, sexy and represented way.”

The “Be In Your Skin” plus size calendar does just that. It features plus size women of all shapes and sizes in artsy yet tasteful photos.

Plus size calendar B Word

I am a fan of this kind of message because for so long we only see one type of plus size women. You know the type. Small waist, wide hips, and a big butt. While there are plus size women with that shape and look good, we should also be celebrating other body types. This plus size calendar from the B Word, does just that.

Plus size women also deal with loads of fat shaming on the internet. It’s always refreshing to have positive images of plus size women. The “Be In Your Skin” plus size calendar does just that. Plus size calendar B Word

You can get you a cop of the calendar at

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