6 Tips On What To Wear To An Office Holiday Party

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Getting dressed for the office can be a bit cumbersome. Especially if you have an office that has a ton of outdated rules like, you must wear stockings, even in the summer. I can’t believe bare legs or open toe shoes are still a no no for some corporate offices. Nevertheless, I believe you can still look stylish and obey the rules. When it comes to the office holiday party, I say you must still act and look professional even if your boss is throwing back shots like its his last day on earth. Some employees hear office party and think its the time to go all out. It’s time to breakout the sexy Instagram model dress. Depending on your office environment or the type of party that is being thrown, its better to keep it cute and professional.

I teamed up with Lane Bryant this holiday season to give you a few holiday office party style tips that will have you looking fabulous and professional.

LB Blazer, LB Skirt, Aldo Boots, ON Purse

I’m all for a snazzy little dress for the office holiday party but I also believe there is power in separates. A festive skirt or pants paired with a classic simple piece can make for a chic holiday look. I found this gold jacquard circle skirt at Lane Bryant. It’s modern, professional, and a statement making piece.

Since the skirt is a wow piece, I decided to build around it with a double breasted blazer. I love that this blazer is not just basic and boring. The gold buttons make the jacket pop.

I wanted to keep the look modern and add a little edge to it with a pair of ankle pointed toe boots.

I kept my accessories simple and dainty. I found a jeweled encrusted bracelet and choker from Lane Bryant that went perfect with this look.

Lane Bryant had quite a few office appropriate holiday looks. There are some cute dresses, tops, and skirts.

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Tips On What To Wear And How To Act At The Office Holiday Party

Dress Stylish But Professional

-The office holiday party is not the time to breakout your club gear. Depending on the dress code (if there is one) try to create a look that is fancy, chic, and sophisticated.

Wear One Festive Piece

Don’t go ham on the sequins, metallics, and furs. Choose one festive or statement making holiday piece and build around it with classic and simple styles.

Keep Dress and Skirt Lengths Appropriate

You don’t want to be the girl that shows up to the office party with the super short skirt or dress. I have my own rule of thumb which is to keep lengths at the knee just to be safe. One wrong dance move can have all your goodies exposed.

Amp Up Your Makeup

Don’t go all RuPaul’s Drag Race with your makeup but definitely pump it up a little. Try a bold lip or add lashes. Show your co-workers a more glamorous side of you.

Office Party Etiquette Tips

Don’t Drink Too Much

I know you want to let your hair down and show how cool you really are from outside your cubicle but be mindful and watchful of your alcohol intake. Please know that if you get drunk and sloppy, your co-workers will judge you and you will be talk of the office for at least a day. So mind your liquor intake. I typically don’t go over 2 drinks.

Keep Dance Moves Fun And Clean

I’ve been to holiday parties where co-workers were grinding on each other, twerking on the boss, and all kinds of things no employee should be doing, even after hours. It’s okay to bust a move but never dance in a way that will make you cringe if you saw a picture of yourself. Work on a little two step just to be safe.

Spark Interesting Conversation

Holiday office parties are a great way to talk to your co-workers in a relaxed environment. Utilize this time to show your co-workers how funny you are or to get to  know them a bit more. Keep conversations clean but interesting.

 What are you wearing to your office holiday party?

This post was in done in collaboration with Lane Bryant. All opinions are my own.

Photo Credits: Pristine Finesse

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