90’s Style Chokers Make A Comeback, Get Them In Plus Sizes

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Like plaid shirts, floral spaghetti strap dresses, and creepers, chokers have made a return from the 90’s. 2016 has been all about 90’s fashion making a comeback and I’m excited about 90’s chokers. Back in high school, chokers were my thing. I use to wear them all the time. So, to see them revived, it’s a bit nostalgic.

Celebrities like the Kardashians, Rihanna, and Nicole Ritchie have all been spotted rocking chokers. Designers and brands ranging from high end to low end have hopped on the trend as well. We are even seeing some plus size brands like ASOS, create chokers for plus size women.

90's chokers 3

Style Tips: chokers look great with off the shoulder tops/dresses and anything plunging or with a low neckline. I also think statement chokers look great over high neck tops.

Right now, there are a myriad of options for 90’s chokers at every price point. I till love the old school velvet chokers. Brands like Bauble Bar offer some really nice multi strand chokers.

How to make your own choker: If you’re looking to save a few coins, you can make your own choker. All you have to do is go to a fabric store or use old fabric you may have. Get a measuring tape and measure around your neck.  Make sure to leave enough room to add a tie or clasp to secure the choker around your neck. You can either sew the ends of the fabric or leave them out for an edgy look. It’s that simple. 

If you’re not into the whole DIY thing, we found quite a few fun 90’s chokers for you to checkout. We have some for every price point and personal style.

Lucky Choker  (Plus Sizes)

image1xxl (3)

Matilda Vegan Suede Choker

90's chokers 1

Metal Beaded Choker


Wide Metal Sleek Choker

image1xxl (1)

Questa Choker


Black and Gold Choker Necklace


Crystal Choker Necklace


Daisy Choker


Scalloped Lace Choker


Cutout Festival Choker (Plus Sizes)

image1xxl (4)

Bauble bar Choker

14372_mLace Choker (Plus Size)

image1xxl (5)

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