A Black Coat Doesn’t Have To Be Boring

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

I can ‘t stress to you enough how much I don’t need any new coats. However, one more won’t hurt, right? A few weeks ago I found myself strolling the 7th floor of Macy’s. Ya’ll know that’s where they house all the plus size clothes at. We are either near the furniture, kitchen ware, or worse, near the kids section. After looking around the store, I found a few pieces on sale. I headed to the register to checkout. As I was getting ready to walk out the plus size section, I decided to take one more glance around. Just in case I missed something good. ya’ll know how that is. Lol!

Well, I’m glad I looked again because in the Calvin Klein section I spotted this fantastic faux shearling coat. It was just on the hanger chilling. It was a combo of faux fur and suede, with an over-sized draped collar. I walked over, tried it on in my size and it was too darn small. Eek!

The arms were way too tight. After trying it on, I couldn’t let it go because it just looked so chic on. I asked the sales associate if they had a bigger size and she said no. Now, in my mind, I was like well it wasn’t that bad. You could get away with it being too small, if you don’t move around in it. Then, the sales associate said the magic words, ” Let me look online and see if we have it in your size. I can order it for you, if we do.” I said, “What! Oh yes girl. Please do. Needless to say, I got the coat and have been styling and profiling in it ever since.

Calvin Klein Plus coat, FTF Jeans, Old Navy turtleneck, Marc Jacobs tote, DVF pumps

I was surprised that I was even attracted to the coat because it was black. I don’t really do black coats. I have one because I think we all should own atleast one black coat.

However, I definitely was not in the market for a second black coat. What made this coat appealing was the mix of textures. The faux suede and faux shearling made the coat more interesting.

I’ve worn the coat numerous times. I like it best when paired with jeans. I slipped on a basic black turtleneck from old navy. In addition to the turtleneck I zipped up a pair of distressed patched skinny jeans from Fashion to Figure.

I completed the look with a pair of red pumps from DVF and a blue Marc Jacobs tote. Just to be extra, I even slipped on my red leather gloves. You know, for a little flair.

After this, I’m swearing off coats. My coat closet can’t handle another one.




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  1. February 5, 2017 / 11:11 pm

    Hello Alissa…You shine such Charisma!
    a standing ovation for your stunning style…cheers!

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