How To Stay Warm & Stylish When Its Cold

When its cold outside its easy to not care about looking stylish. Your main concern is to always look warm. There’s been countless times where I sacrificed style for warmth. Over the years I’ve learned that you don’t have to sacrifice style. You can be warm and look stylish simultaneously. All you have to do is buy the right pieces of winter clothing and have a little styling imagination to create warm winter outfits. Since its cold, we wanted to share a few tips with you on how you can look stylish this winter.

How To Create Warm Winter Outfits

Layer, Layer, Layer

Before you pound the pavement, make sure you add on 1-2 layers of clothing. The trick to layering is to use lightweight fabrics. Maybe add a turtleneck or long sleeve tee under a sweater, cardigan, or blouse. You can also add tights or even leggings under your jeans. Adding layers will help to keep you warm. Once you get inside to your destination, you can peel your layers off if needed.

Checkout more tips on layering when its cold.

stay warm during polar vortex
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Wear A Warm Winter Coat

Everyone’s financial situation is different. However, if you can, invest in a warm winter coat. Even if its just one. Wearing a warm coat with the layers we mentioned above will help you with staying warm during polar vortex season. You can go for an insulated heavy parka or you can get a 100% wool coat. The only thing I do suggest when choosing a warm winter coat is get one that hits knee length or longer. It will prevent your legs and bum from freezing.

If you’re on the hunt for a warm winter plus size coat. Checkout this winter coat guide.

tips on staying warm during polar vortex
Teddy Coat

Wear Functional Accessories

Once you’re all layered up, it’s time to accessorize your outerwear. First things first, you need to put on a hat. Don’t just wear any hat. Rock a hat that covers your forehead and ears. You could go for a one that’s made of merino wool, cashmere cable knit, fleece lined hats, or a faux fur lined trapper hat.

tips on staying warm during polar vortex
Large Scarf With Fringe

Add a thick oversized scarf that can cover both your neck and around your nose and mouth. Infinite scarves are a good option.

Also, don’t leave your house without gloves. Gloves are essential for staying warm during polar vortex.

Fleece lined gloves will keep your hands warm. You may want to get touch screen gloves that will allow you to still use your phone without taking your gloves off.

tips on staying warm during polar vortex
Muk Luk Hat

If you need ideas on how to accessorize a winter coat, checkout these tips.

Keep Your Feet Warm

When the temperatures hit single digits, this is the time top opt for boots. One trick I’ve always done to keep my feet warm when its cold is buy my boots a half size bigger. This allows me to double up on socks. Insulated boots are perfect for staying warm during polar vortex.

tips on staying warm during polar vortex
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Share some of your tips on how you create warm winter outfits.

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