Chromat Fall 2018 Runway Show Represented True Body Positivity & Diversity

Hey curvy girls all over the world, 

Chromat’s just had another amazing show. From sexy swimsuits to body con dresses, Chromat fall 2018 collection is edgy, bold, and just plain cool. With bungee cord details and bright hues, their fall 2018 collection is all about making a statement. Each year designer Becca McCharen-Tran push’s the envelope when it comes to the Chromat runway show. For their fall 2018 collection the theme was “Escapist.” In a Vogue interview, Chromat designer Becca, described it as her way of finding joy when the world is spiraling.

This year McCharen continued with a diverse cast of models. One of the reasons people flock to her show. Once again, Chromat proves that age and size diversity belong on the runway. There were plus size models like Denise Bidot, Emme, and Sabina Sabina Karlsson. In addition, Chromat’s fall 2018 runway show featured breast cancer survivor Ericka Hart.

Chromat fall 2018 collectionThis year, Chromat’s runway was filled with size and age diversity. Plus size model Denise Bidot opened the show in a red two piece swimsuit with neon criss cross bungee cord details on the side. Chromat’s 2018 collection offered a slew of sexy body con dresses, neon bright raver pants, and of course zippered mallots. Super model Emme wlaked the runway in a sheer black fitted dress with water noodles tied on the front and back.¬†Emme at Chromat fall 2018 collectionSometimes you can look at Chromat’s pieces and wonder what in the heck am I going to wear this with. However, when you really look at the pieces and take away some of the the theatrical accessories that are added for presentation purposes, you realize that the pieces are surprisingly practical.

For instance, plus size model Sabina Karlsson worked the runway in a two toned belted kimono that could easily be paired with jeans.Another model went down the runway in a blue zippered body con dress with a cropped sheer top over it.

We are truly seeing the evolution of Chromat transitioning from being just swimsuits to offering true ready to wear pieces.¬†Checkout the rest of Chromat’s Fall 2018 runway collection below.

Chromat fall 2018 collection

Which look would you wear?


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