This Designer Is Making Vegan Plus Size Leather Jackets Up To Size 28

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

You guys know how much I love a good leather jacket. Biker styles preferably. We all know that It’s not easy to find a good real leather jacket in plus sizes that fits well. So, I’m always on the hunt to find one. A few months ago, I heard about designer Jeff Cafone, who makes customizable luxe leather jackets for plus size women. I knew I needed to checkout the leather jackets, especially since celebrities like Danielle Brooks has been seen wearing one.

Designer Jeff Cafone is a NJ native who currently lives in NYC. Surprisingly, he didn’t start out with a career in fashion and design. In his early years he was a musician but realized that wasn’t really where his heart was. After putting music to the side, Jeff needed a new creative outlet. He decided to teach himself how to sew, just on a whim. Jeff says, “using my grandma’s old machine from the 1950’s. Sewing was something I could do in a small Manhattan apartment that didn’t make too much noise or mess.”

With his new found hobby, Jeff started out making denim jeans and jackets. One day I came upon some amazing leather on the back shelf of a fabric store, and that really inspired me. I thought, “I’d love to make something out of that one day.” Leather is, quite literally, a different animal. It’s a totally different skill set, different machines, more expensive, and definitely more difficult. I knew that if I ever wanted to make my hobby into a business, this was the way to go. It’s something that not everyone was doing, and not everyone could do,” says Jeff.

Now that Jeff knew what he wanted to design, he set his sights on who he wanted to design leather jackets for. He decided that designing for plus size women was the way to go. Two years ago, he started a custom leather jacket business for people of all shapes and sizes. The pieces were all bespoke made-to-measure for each client.

“I found that when I was fitting women who wore larger sizes, the feedback was, “Wow this is amazing, I’ve never had access to something of this quality that looks and feels like this!”. I honestly didn’t think too much about it at first. That’s not my life. I’m a male, for starters, not a plus size woman. But I was getting that feedback more and more, so at a certain point I decided, “Ok, let me take a look at why people are telling me this. What is the state of Plus size fashion?” My mind was totally blown. I was shocked at the lack of quality pieces and the complete absence of luxury brands.”

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What makes Cafone’s jackets so unique is that they are made from premium leather and suede, and offer options such as a detachable fur collar. They were designed to fit a vast array of plus body types throughout the 12-28 size range. According to Jeff, “The jackets features such as a gently-arched lower back and subtle bust projection allow the jacket to zip up comfortably over curvier features.”

With a $500+ price tag, these jackets are what I would call an investment piece. The quality leather and design, you’ll have this jacket in your closet forever. Jeff has had major support from plus size women. Actresses Danielle Brooks and Lea DeLaria have both worn Jeff Cafone’s premium leather jackets. I’ve also had the opportunity to try the exquisite jackets myself and was part of a photoshoot for the launch of the jackets. I can personally attest to the superb fit and uber luxe feel of both the suede and premium leather.

Both the suede and premium leather jackets come in sizes 12-28. You can shop these jackets at I asked Jeff why he chose the name “All 67” and he said, “It represents the inclusivity and community-driven vision I have for my brand moving forward. You probably know where the “67” comes from- It is the most widely cited number of the percentage of women who are plus size in America. As a non-plus male designer, I don’t want to center myself- I think it’s important to be conscious about my position in the community, and I want the name of my brand to reflect my mission and message. I am here to “listen to” rather than “talk at”. This is the reason my brand exists in the first place.”

Another cool thing about Jeff’s jackets is that they’re made of vegan leather. You can shop the jackets HERE



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