The Ultimate Plus Size Coat Guide For Fall/Winter 2017

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Don’t get caught out in the cold with no coat. Definitely don’t get caught out in the cold with boring coat. This year its time to step up your outerwear game. During the fall and winter months, your outerwear is going to be garnering a lot of attention. Its the one piece that you will have to wear on a daily basis. I’m one of those people who will wear pajamas under my coat because I know no one will see what I’m wearing under my coat.

Having a great coat is important. Its the piece that people will see you in the most. Also, coats can give your outfits an extra boost in the style department. Its also a piece that can make you look good on the outside in case you look a hot mess under it. We’ve all had those days. Every year there is a popular coat trend. This year, there are a bevy of coat trends that may pique your interest. I am going to breakdown a few of them. Checkout this ultimate outerwear guide to help you pick the best coat for your personal style.


This year, it seems that one of the most popular coat trends is a sophisticated checkered or plaid coat. Derived from the menswear fall trend, this style of coat is one that you can wear to work and rock on the weekend with jeans and t-shirt.

Belted Plaid Coat

Check Robe Coat

Shawl Check Print CoatPlaid Wool Double Breasted Coat

Puffer Coats

Taking us back to the 90’s, puffer coats are back and a whole lot more feminine.

Pom Pom Luxe Parker

Mitten Puffer coat

Padded Jacket

Faux Fur

The plus size faux fur options available this year are amazing

Striped Faux Fur coat

Midi Pelted Faux Fur

Glam Faux Fur

Shaci Faux Fur

Leopard Print

Need a statement coat? Look no further than a leopard print coat.

Funnel Neck Coat

Leopard Faux Fur Coat

Leopard Print Wool Coat


If you’re the kind of girl who loves coats with a few bells and whistles, then you’ll love a cute and girlie ruffled coat.

Ruffled Placket Coat

Skater Coat

Colored Belted Midi Coats

It you must go with a classic coat, get one in a bold color.

Wool Blend Coat

Tie Waist Robe coat

Which coat style will you be rocking this season?



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