Here’s What’s Going On With H&M Plus Sizes Being Available In Store

It’s been awhile since I’ve shopped H&M plus size clothing. Ever since they quietly removed their plus size range from all their stores in 2016. I was done with the brand. Although you can shop their plus size range online, it was disappointing to no longer be able to try clothes on in store. Especially since their sizing was a bit all over the place.

In hopes that they would bring it back, I tried searching which H&M stores have plus size and found that they still don’t offer plus sizes in any of the U.S. stores. In my search for trying to figure out what’s going on with H&M plus size clothing being available in store, I found out a few things.

What’s Happening With H&M Plus Size In Store?

Last week I was shopping for some new spring pieces and walked passed an H&M store and decided to go in and look around. I didn’t go in with high expectations. However, to my surprise I noticed that they extended their sizing in store to an XXL. At first I thought it was a fluke when I saw a pink buttoned down shirt in an XXL. As I continued browsing the store, I realized that majority of the clothing went up to a size XXL in dresses and tops.

The fashion lover in me got excited and grabbed everything I could in an XXL and headed straight to the fitting room. I wanted to see if the XXL fit more like and XL or a 2X womens plus. As I tried on the clothes I noticed that the XXL was generously cut and fit more like a 2X. There were pieces that I could even size down in. As for bottoms, they went up to a size 18 in store. Now, I’m not an 18 at the bottom so unfortunately, some of the jeans, pants, and skirts didn’t fit me.

After trying on all the clothes I started wondering if having the XXL available in store was H&M’s attempt to bring back plus sizes in store. When I asked a store employee, she said she wasn’t sure. However, they’ve had the extended sizes in store for about a year.

Here’s What H&M Had To Say About Their Plus Size Range In Store

Since my try on session was successful I went to the register to buy quite a few pieces. When I got home I started doing a little research and reached out to H&M. I sent them an email asking two simple questions. My goal was to find out if they were going to offer their plus size range in store again. Second, what made them extend their sizes in store.

Being able to try on the XXL and having it fit like a woman’s plus had me excited and thirsty for more. So my fingers were crossed as I was awaiting a reply from the brand. After a few days, a spokesperson for H&M replied to my email. Here’s what they had to say,

“It is important for us to always listen to our customers, take their feedback and act in order to provide the best experience possible. We knew from customer feedback that our sizing needed to be more in line with the North American consumer as well as be in line with the industry standard in the market and we are making changes to make sure everyone can find fashion they love in the right fit.”

“We want to increase the trust the customer has in us to deliver on our promise of fashion and quality at the best price – in a sustainable way – and to look good and feel good in our clothes.”

Keeping Hope Alive

After reading the spokesperson’s response I noticed they didn’t answer my question about bringing the plus size range back in stores. That led me to believe they are not or if they are, they’re not ready to announce it. That’s just me trying to keep hope alive. I continued researching to see if I could find any other information about H&M sizing.

According to an article on, H&M announced in 2018 that they would be offering sizes up to an XXL in store but with a few tweaks. H&M told that they would be changing their sizing structure. “If you were once a size 12 now you would be a size 10.” Hence why the XXL fits more like a 20/22 in women’s plus sizes. You can checkout the Today article HERE. Basically, its vanity sizing.

Nonetheless, I can say as a plus size woman, the XL and XXL can fit plus sizes up to a 2X or size 20/22. If you’re larger than that you may be able to fit some of the oversized tops and dresses.

Not being able to shop in store is still one of the biggest hurdles for plus size women. Even some plus size brands have been shutting down stores and promoting the option of shopping online. While plus size fashion has drastically changed for the better, we still face major challenges. Shopping in store is at the top of the list.

Also, instead of brands offering a full plus size range, they’re hitting plus size women with extended sizing that doesn’t go any larger than an 18/20 which just isn’t fair.

My H&M Fashion Finds In Extended Sizing

In addition to trying to find out what was going on with plus sizes being available in store, I did buy quite a few items in an XXL. This polka dot mesh dress is one of my favorite pieces. It’s a girly frock with dot details. It has sheer puff sleeves with smocking and small ruffle trim on the sleeves.

H&M Plus Size Dot Print Dress

I bought it in white but it also comes in black. This is one of the dresses that is cut oversized. So even if you’re a 3X you can probably fit it. The puff sleeves are perfect for anyone with heavier arms. In addition to the generous cut of the dress, it also hits at the knee and comes with a slip that is attached to the dress.

Although I can fit the XXL due to the size restructuring, brands like H&M who offer plus sizes should make it available in store. Even if they started with select stores. Don’t just offer basic pieces but offer the same styles in the misses range in plus size. That’s another issue we have with brands creating plus size lines. We like H&M for their trendy affordable styles. So they should be size inclusive all the time and online to in store.

All photos by Dadouchic

Below are a few pieces that caught my eye at H&M. You can click on the photo to check them out.

In addition, checkout my H&M plus size clothing haul. These are all the pieces I bought in store. Also sign up for the Stylish Curves Youtube Channel

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H&M has also just launched a few new collaborations which include the extended sizing and some of the pieces are also part of the plus size range. Plus sizes at H&M online range from sizes 12-26 and XL-4X.

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What do you think about H&M extending sizes in store up to an XXL but not having H&M plus size in store? Also, what do you think about their response to my questions?


  1. March 13, 2020 / 12:00 pm

    This is why i actually loathe going to stores outside of online. I wish more brands would just extend their regular range to extended sizes without giving us our section and designs. So happy a big brand is doing this.

  2. Hannah
    July 26, 2020 / 11:34 am

    Thank you for writing this piece! I wish there was more discussion about brands removing plus sizes from their stores, it’s happening at my local Macy’s and it makes me furious! I deserve to be able to try things on just like everyone else, and there are enough plus size women out here to give them the business they need to make it worthwhile, so why take it away?? Just makes me think they don’t want curvy women walking around their store and that’s not right.

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