Diversify Your Shopping Portfolio!

By: Alissa Wilson

While the financial markets are beginning to stabilize many people are investing again, but, they aren’t putting all their eggs in one basket this time around. If you are an avid watcher of the Suze Orman show like me, you know that she always says you want to diversify your portfolio. Spread your money around because if the markets go south again all of your money won’t go with it.

I think the phrase “Diversify Your Portfolio” should also apply to your wardrobe and the places you shop to create it. When it comes to fashion I try not to be frivolous with my hard earned cash, bread, butter, cheddar, guap (so many terms for the word money). So, its easy for me to stick with what I know, but sometimes, branching out can take your wardrobe from cute to winding up lending out all your clothes because your friends are envious of your style.

I understand we all have our favorite stores because we know how well their cuts fit or the various cute styles they offer. I am a frequent shopper at Banana Republic and Ann Taylor Loft. These stores used to make up about 75% Of my wardrobe. As curvaceous women I don’t think we realize how many stores and websites that cater to our curves, whether your curvy as a size 2 or 24. For example so many plus size women limit themselves to Lane Bryant and Ashley Stewart. Now, don’t get me wrong, they have nice clothes, but, you put yourself in the position of seeing every Jane and Polly with the same outfit as you due to those stores being easy access for the plus size woman not having to buy clothes online.

I remember a few years back when I was working a part time job, a girl used to comment on how much she liked my clothes. So one day she finally asked, “Where do you get your clothes from?” and when I told her, she said, “Oh, I didn’t know they made clothes for us. By us, she meant the term I hate most, “Big Girls.” (I’m gagging as I write it) She said she mainly shops at Lane Bryant, Old Navy, and Ashley Stewart, mind you she was about a size 14. So she was missing out on other affordable designers and clothing stores.

Ladies fashion has expanded over the years and there are a bunch of great stores that carry an array of sizes that people overlook. Below is a list I conjured up for all my curvy girls whether you have large butts, thighs, hips, or breasts from sizes 2 and up, enjoy!

If you know of other stores please share so we all can start investing in some cool new pieces for our wardrobe.

If you live in NYC and you need a break from Lane Bryant or Ashley Stewart try

Lee Lee’s Valise its a boutique for sizes 10-28. She carries alot of up coming designer brands and the prices range from moderate to slightly expensive. If you don’t live in NYC go to and order online.

Tory Burch
Carries sizes, 0-14, S-XL

Carries sizes 0-16, XXS-XL
My Verdict:Cuts are for smaller curves, but, the tops are a true fit.

Banana Republic
Carries sizes 0-16, XS-XL, Petite and Tall
My Verdict: Generous cuts in tops and true to size in pants. Jackson fit best for a big butt and hips. Martin fit is best for round stomachs and small hips and butts.

Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Loft

Carries sizes, 2-18, XS-XXL, Petite and Long
My Verdict: All cuts in tops and pants run true to size. The Julie fit in pants great for larger lower halves and the Ann cut in pants are great for medium size hips and butts.

Juicy Couture
carry sizes XS-XL, 0-14
Offers Plus Size sweatsuits at

My Verdict: You may need to go one size up just to be on the safe side.

Carries sizes 12-28

My Verdict: Since Torrid carries other brands the cuts vary, but the Torrid brand itself is a little more roomy, you will probably have to go one size down.

Monif C.

Carry sizes 14-24


Carry sizes 12-32


Carry sizes 10-32
My Verdict: Definitely cut for fuller bodies. May have to go a size down if you are on the smaller spectrum of being plus size

Also if you don’t know by now. Forever 21 carries a plus size line called Faith 21 in selected stores and online. Go to and click on the tab that says Faith 21.
My Verdict: Definitely cut for smaller curves. May need to go up a sizes in pants or dresses.

Check back tomorrow for part two of diversify your shopping portfolio.

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Department stores such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s carry Juicy Couture up to size 3X. is also a plus size site I frequent..

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