Drop Dead Diva

Sunday night was the premiere of Life Times new show Drop Dead Diva. The show begins with an aspiring Price is Right model named Deb played by Brooke D’orsay who gets killed in a car crash and when she gets to heaven she realizes that she has not done any good or bad deeds, so her soul gets placed in a hard working lawyers body who happens to be plus size. The twist is that Deb still remembers her life as being thin and she tries to cope with her new life as a lawyer and her plus size body.

I already had some reservations about the show because of the dowdy looking plus size girl played by Brooke Elliott(who is a cutie pie). After watching the show, I can say it was pretty good. Yes, the character Jane is the typical stereotype that they make plus size women to be. The woe is me, I’m not beautiful, I hate my body, type of person. Being that Jane’s character has the soul of an aspiring model, Jane (Brooke Elliott) gets a burst of confidence from her inner soul whenever she is feeling down.

I’m sure throughout the shows season, there will be numerous jokes and self esteem issues that Jane will experience because she’s plus size. The dowdy plus size girl role annoys me because I feel like they never have roles for women who are comfortable in their skin. As if you have to be super thin tofeel good about yourself. The other thing that annoys me about shows like this is that they make the super thin blond woman shallow and uneducated. I feel like the world I live in offers examples of the opposite. I know many women who live happy fulfilled lives and they are plus size. I also know women who are very slim, loves fashion, and have high IQ’s.

According to Margret Cho in her interview on the View. She says the show is about showing how society views beauty. Yes, we all know that society chooses skinny over fat and beauty over brains, but, how much longer are we as women going to stand for this. Overall the show is funny and smart. What I do hope is that Jane’s inner soul begins to accepts and embraces her new body.

The show airs Sundays at 9pm right before Army Wives.

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