Say What! Dolce & Gabbana Plus Sizes Go Up To A 22/24

Last year we told yall that Dolce & Gabbana would be extending their sizes to plus. To show their commitment to size diversity, fashion influencer Anna O’Brien of Glitter and Lazers was invited as a guest of Dolce & Gabbana to their Milan fashion show. Anna wore a custom Dolce & Gabbana plus size dress.

In the past the luxury designer was blasted for fat-shaming comments (See HERE). Although no one from the brand has given a proper apology, a spokesperson for Dolce & Gabbana told the UK Independent that “women’s beauty is not a matter of clothing size”. Even though there was no apology, the designer brand looks to be turning over a new leaf.

This Blogger Wore Custom Made Dolce & Gabbana Plus Size Dresses

On Instagram Anna posted a beauty shot of her wearing a floral Dolce & Gabbana dress while applying lipstick from D&G beauty. Anna’s 405K following left congratulatory comments for her beauty collaboration. It’s not often that we get to see plus size influencers take part in beauty campaigns.

While her followers loved the beauty shot, many of them asked about the floral frock she was wearing. Anna replied, ” D&G offers up to 54 (16/18) Italian online an in-store ready made and up to a 60 (size 22/24) by request. This particular print was picked for me by the designer and was special for this occasion.”

Later that day Anna posted a second full length photo of her wearing a beautiful leopard printed tie waist dress. She said, “I can’t believe I got to wear this gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana dress and sit front row at their fashion week presentation. I wasn’t an afterthought or a token addition-I was priority.”

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Today was magical. I can’t believe I got to wear this gorgeous @dolcegabbana dress, and sit front row at their fashion week presentation. I wasn’t an after thought or a token addition- I was a priority. Every step of the way, they made sure I felt comfortable and loved. I got to meet the women who constructed my dress and I could tell right way that this was just as important and special for them as it was me. Honestly, more than a few times I had to hold back tears. To have my body celebrated and dressed in such finery was something I have never experienced before. I feel anything I write will fail to truly express how life changing and important this has been for me. All I can say is, thank you. #DGHandmade #DGFattoAMano Promoted By DOLCE AND GABBANA

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Often times brands who are looking to enter the plus size fashion realm choose a plus size influencer to help them do it. Anna has used her platform to advance the body positive movement and advocate for size diversity. So, there is no surprise as to why Dolce & Gabbana chose her to attend their Milan fashion week show. As well as provide her with custom dresses.

Seeing a bigger plus size woman like Anna in these dresses gets any plus size woman excited. However, it would be great if Dolce & Gabbana would include more size diversity in their ads and most importantly on their website. Even though they go up to a size 16/18 online, the models don’t reflect that.

Dolce & Gabbana has the attention of the plus size community but will they truly practice what they’re preaching. If “women’s beauty is not a matter of clothing size”. Then I expect to see more plus size women featured throughout the designer’s ads and beauty campaigns. In addition, it would be great if the designers shared how they went from making body shaming comments to now celebrating curves.

What are your thoughts on Dolce & Gabbana plus size?

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