Fashion News/Jean Paul Gaultier Designs for Target

According to Jean Paul Gaultier will be designing a collection for Target.

It will hit more than 250 Target stores across the country and on March 7, and be available through April 11.

If you are not familiar with his stuff, he is one of the designers that used to dress Madonna for her tours. In my opinion he designs edgy couture. Think, sexy dominatrix. The good thing about designers designing for budget friendly stores is the that the designs will come in a variety of sizes and cuts. So, plus-size curvy girls may be lucky enough to get an XL or XXL.

I guess everyone must have had the same thing on their mind as I did when I saw the picture of Jennifer Hudson and Donatella Versace together. It sparked another conversation about why high end designers don’t go up to atleast a size 14 or 16. Yesterday, a reader sent in this very same question and Donatella actually gave a decent response unlike Karl Lagerfeld. Here’s what went down:

“Why do designers typically refuse to design for sizes above 10? This question is not meant to be confrontational; I’ve just always wondered about this. Is it simply a prejudice? Wouldn’t it be a good business decision? I can understand not wanting to start a stand-alone plus-size line, but what about extending sizes to 14/16? We have money, too!” —Daphne L. Scott, Chicago

Donatella’s Response:

“We do offer larger sizes at Versace, but I take your point. I certainly wouldn’t want to do a plus-size line, as I have no problem with women of any size wearing my clothes. I guess some styles lend themselves to being scaled up, while some others just don’t work. Sometimes it can depend on the specific piece.”

I think Daphne makes a good point. Maybe designers are afraid to just go out and do a plus-size line all willy nilly, but, what’s the harm in adding sizes 14 and 16 into the mix. I personally like Versace (Can’t afford it) but, I have never seen large sizes in their clothes. Which makes me wonder what does Donatella consider large? 

American designer Michael Kors has a plus size line, but, some of the dresses come awkwardly below the knee and the cuts are too wide. The style is there but the fit could use a tune up.

I hope that all this talk about roundness, plus-size, and curves develops into to another high end designer to say, I am going to take that leap and design a plus size line or take baby steps by just adding sizes 14 and 16 into the mix?

Talk to me, what are your thoughts on this?

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  1. Anonymous
    February 15, 2010 / 9:24 am

    I have to see this line at Target. His clothes tend to look ok on the runnway but it does not transfer well to everyday wear. We will have to see.

    I believe Dontalla response was better than most but I do not feel like she really answered the question. Why can’t they make an effort…if it fails then it fails.

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