Gwynnie Bee Teams Up With Designer Tracy Reese For A Plus Size Collection Up To 5X

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

2017 has been shaping up to be a fantastic year for plus size fashion. With the launch of numerous plus size collections, plus size women have more options now than ever before. Last year during September fashion week, we told you that designer Tracy Reese was adding larger sizes to her collection up to an 18. Some of you were just as hyped as we were, others, not so much. Some of you felt slighted and wanted to know why wouldn’t she do a full plus size collection. Well, today, your fashion dreams just came true. Tracy Reese has teamed up with plus size clothing subscription service Gwynnie Bee for a full blown plus size collection. The exclusive collection is being offered via the Plenty By Tracy Reese line. The 8 piece collection is available in sizes 10-32/L-5X.

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Tracy Reese Gwynnie Bee CollaborationOne Shoulder Dress

In an SC exclusive interview, we spoke with Tracy Reese and Gwynnie Bee about the epic collaboration. When I spoke with Tracy Reese, I really wanted to know what inspired her to even start including larger sizes to her brand. Tracy said,

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Any time I have made appearances at stores, there are always customers asking for more extensive sizing.  I have always included silhouettes that flatter different figures in the collection. Our customers have been asking for more sizes and what we have learned is that she really wants all the same styles we are offering in other sizes.

Tracy Reese Gwynnie Bee CollaborationGreen Dress

Reese hit the nail on the head. Plus size women just want the same styles as everyone else. When designers try to box us in and design clothes with restrictions, plus size women reject them. In February, Tracy Reese unveiled her Inclusive collection which goes up to a size 18. Now that she’s teamed up with Gwynnie Bee, she can offer more sizes. When asked what makes your collection different than what’s available for curvy women now,

Tracy said, I think there aren”t enough designer offerings for the plus customer. There is a  conception that the plus size customer is not willing to pay the same prices as the traditional contemporary customer. For me, quality textiles and workmanship have always been incredibly important. I do not want to offer an inferior product to any of our customers. I believe the extended size customer will be willing pay the same prices as our 0-12 size customers for the same quality.

Tracy Reese Gwynnie Bee CollaborationDenim Dress

Since we got a first hand look at the Tracy Reese Gwynnie Bee Collection, I can say the styles are on trend and very chic. I wanted to know what was the style inspiration behind the Gwynnie Bee collection and Reese said,

Plenty by Tracy Reese had some big Western inspiration for Spring 2017. Bandana and cowboy chic prints have a rockabilly edge. Hues have a sun-bleached feel, like they’ve been worn in a desert vista. Plenty is always more casual so everything easily pairs back to your favorite denim.

FIt and Flare Dress

When straight size designers create plus size clothes, often times they just grade up and don’t really take the time to customize the fit for a curvier woman. Tracy Reese did the opposite. She said,

I’ve found that the plus consumer wants the same styles as everyone else and so that’s what we wanted to offer her. We did quite a bit of research in-house to really be able to nail the grade and fit. Gwynnie Bee was a great partner, sharing their wealth of technical expertise knowledge for grading up to sizes 5X and 32W.

Tribal Print Top

In case you are wondering if you will be able to shop the Tracy Reese collection outside of Gwynnie Bee, you will. Tracy has plans to offer the full plus size range through her Plenty by Trace Reese line. Every season we hope to continue expanding our size range and with retail partners that will support sizes outside of the traditional contemporary range. Spring 2017 marks the first season we’ve extended sizing in both Plenty by Tracy Reese and Tracy Reese and I want to keep expanding offerings and sizing for seasons to come, Reese said.

Striped Dress

Gwynnie Bee has done quite a few designer collaborations. They said, they loo for “several factors including design aesthetic, commitment to size inclusivity, and what will be most exciting for our members. Collaborating with experienced designers is definitely a bonus!” The collaboration with Tracy Reese came about when, “The Tracy Reese team approached us about working together. After our initial meeting we knew that their Plenty by Tracy Reese collection would be a perfect fit for our customer.”

Was there a specific vision you had for the collaboration with TR, was this a collective effort or did you give TR free reign? These styles were selected from Tracy’s Spring 2017 collection. Our teams closely collaborated on perfecting fit and making sure each style was suitable for the Gwynnie Bee community.”

In addition to the spring collaboration you can expect to see more collaborations with Tracy Reese. Gwynnie Bee and Tracy will be launching a Fall 2017 collection.

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Gwynnie Bee, pick out some pieces for me and sent them over for me to try out. Let me say that the fit is true to size. I got to try out the purple fit and flare dress. The color is gorgeous and the material was great quality. It’s more of a sweater material which makes it perfect to wear for spring on those breezy days.Fit and Flare Dress

I love how flirty the skirt part of the dress is and it really moves when you walk.

In addition to the purple dress, they sent me this tribal printed off the shoulder top. I am obsessed with off the shoulder. This top is light weight with a soft silky feel. It’s loose fitting and looks perfect with jeans. 

It’s a great spring and summer top. I also like how the off the shoulder stays down. You don’t have to fidget with it.

All I have to say is well done Tracy Reese and Gwynnie Bee on this collaboration. Can’t wait for the fall collection.

Remember, you can get a free 30 day trial at Gwynnie Bee by signing up HERE 

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