Tracy Reese Releases New Styles From Her Size Inclusive Line Up To A Size 2X

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Last year Tracy Reese announced that she would be joining the size inclusive bandwagon. Like Christian Siriano and Rachel Roy, Tracy Reese decided to add extended sizes to her collection. Not just her lower end Plenty By Tracy Reese line but her main line. The designer who is a curvy woman herself featured curvy models in her Spring 2017 show last year. Curvy model  Anita Marshall was positioned in Tracy’s garden themed show in a floral dress.

After her announcement, quite a few curvy girls got super excited about it. However, there were many plus size women who were disappointed that Tracy only added up to a size 18. That frustration is understandable. Personally, I felt it was a step in the right direction. Tracy didn’t create a separate line with larger sizes, she added them directly to her main line.

In addition, I think Tracy is testing the waters, which is also understandable. I for one was very happy they she added the larger sizes even though, I can’t fit them. Adding a size 20 or even a 3X would be awesome.

Tracy Reese Inclusive Plus Size Collection

In an interview about the new extended sizes, Reese said,

“It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while.”  The decision came, in part, out of customer demand. “Anytime I have made appearances at stores, there are always customers asking for more extensive sizing.”

Now that spring designs are starting to hit websites and stores, Tracy Reese announced on her Instagram last week that the first round of styles in sizes 14-18 were available on her site.

I went to the Tracy Reese site and found 3 fantastic dresses perfect for voluptuous curvy women. The extended sizes are labeled Tracy Reese inclusive and are sized 14-18 and 1X-2X.

There are two cold shoulder ruffled dresses with a turtleneck detail that flare out from the waist.

Inclusive Cherry Cold Shoulder

Tracy Reese Inclusive Plus Size Collection

In addition to the ruffled dress, the second dress is a black floral lace dress with a harness neck and flounce hemline. It is also priced at $348 and comes in sizes 1X-2X.

Black Floral Lace Dress

You’ll also find the ruffled dress comes in black .

You can shop the Tracy Reese Inclusive collection HERE


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