Hayley Hasselhoff Launches Her 2nd Collection With Elvi Plus Size Clothing

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Hayley Hasselhoff has been killing the fashion scene lately. She’s been doing a lot of modelling in the UK and is now on her second collection with Elvi Clothing. If you remember, last year Hayley launched her first Elvi collection which was for Fall. This year, she’s back with a luxe looking spring collection.

The spring collection offers romantic vibes with a maxi dress that has delicate pleats. In addition to delicate dresses, you”l also find a light weigh duster, silk tops, and textured kimono.

If you’re looking for elegant pieces with intricate details, then you”ll be smitten with this collection. It’s so regal and sophisticated. It’s definitely not your typical spring collection.

Checkout more of the collection below

Shop the full collection HERE

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