Top Color Trends for Spring 2017 & How to Wear Them

The weather has been all over the place lately. One day its snowing, the next it’s warm. It has put me in a gloomy mood. So to cheer myself up, I decided to find out what were the trending colors for Spring just to remind myself that she is almost here. Spring is absolutely the most feminine season. It’s a symbol of new life. So as the flowers bloom, so should your fashion sense. Add colors to your wardrobe that you normally wouldn’t. With these beautiful color trends for 2017, you can feel encouraged to step outside your comfort zone.

Every year, we look to Pantone to help us sort out what colors were the biggest trends from New York fashion week. Here are their top 10.

Pantone’s Color Forecast

Dressing in neutrals, blushes, and muted colors are a breeze. It’s the vibrant colors that can give us the most trouble. Often larger bodies are discouraged from wearing colors that ‘call too much attention.’ OH NO! Big girls want toe be seen!? How awful!

Quick story: I worked at a plus size fashion store for the holidays and, for the most part, it was a great experience. One slow afternoon, the manager and I were talking about how the store needed to be reset, which means changing the displays and outfits on the mannequin. She believed the store was too red. I agreed. Christmas was just around the corner but almost every table had at least 3 red pieces. It was too much! My manager said, “I don’t even know why they make so many red clothes. Big girls should not wear red. They look ridiculous. They look like the Kool Aid man and are gonna bust through the wall screaming, ‘Oh Yeah!'” I’m sure she thought she was funny. I also noted that she kept saying ‘they’ as if she were not on the big girl bus, though, she certainly was. #NoShade. I’m driving the big girl bus.

When I think back on this, I remember thinking, you are a big girl, working in a trendy plus size fashion store, yet you still think there should be limitations on what a plus size woman should feel beautiful in. It just speaks to our internalized body shame. We’ve heard it so much that we believe. Even worse, we inflict it on each other. She compared big girls in red to the Kool Aid man whilst wearing an orange shirt. What is to stop someone from comparing us to a pumpkin in orange or an elephant in grey? People will talk regardless of what your wear so make sure you’re pleasing yourself! All you can do is be you.

Color Trends


I’m going to credit this color trend to the Queen B & the yellow Roberto Cavalli dress she wore in her Lemonade visual album for the song Hold Up.

Gif from here

Here are some beautiful yellow pieces to choose from. Savior Flair tells us that the biggest trend to follow from Fashion Week for this Spring is the statement sleeve. You can find bell sleeved blouses to pair with distressed jeans for a relaxed and feminine look.


Plus Zoe Open Shoulder Halter Neck Woven Top

Gauze Top

Envelope Top

Envelope Back Top
Rachel Roy

Off the shoulder top

Studio Off the Shoulder Top with Vent

Lemon Top

Off-the-Shoulder Top
Forever 21

Suede Platforms

Faux Suede Block Heels (Wide Width)


Warm Pink

Well, Magenta, actually. But you’d be surprised how creative stores are with their naming of colors. Example: warm purple & not so hot pink. Ok, I lied about the second one, but neither of us is technically wrong. Regardless, this is a color that works on everyone! Your skin will standout and look vibrant with these shades. Which is perfect, because sleeveless season is upon us. According to, one trend for this spring and summer and are ruffles. This first jumpsuit is a great place to start.

Ruffled Jumpsuit

Simply Be

Pencil Skirt

Neoprene Pencil Skirt

Lace up flats

Lace Up Ballet Flats
Ashley Stewart

Surplice Top

Lace Surplice Back Top

Bardot Dress

Clarissa Flare Dresss
Fashion to Figure

Ruffle Peplum Blouse

Fallon Ruffle Peplum Blouse
Fashion To Figure


Trust me, you won’t look like a pumpkin in any of these! Don’t miss out on a feeling beautiful in a stripped dress. You can pull them off. If your hesitant, pair stripes with something solid. They also predicted one shoulder cut outs to be a big hit. The asymmetrical jumpsuit is great for a brunch with the girls!

Ruffled Jumpsuit

Studio Cold Shoulder Halter Neckline Jumpsuit

Belted Tunic

Tie Waist Kimono Top

Striped Dress

Stripped Criss Cross Waist Dress
Ashley Stewart

Contrast Top

Contrast Peek A Boo Top
City of Chic


Orange Asymmetrical Jumpsuit
Style Polished Personal

Which color will you be rocking this spring?

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