(Video) How To Organize Bathroom Shelves When you Don’t Have Cabinets Or Drawers

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Lately, I have been really into home organization. I’ve put off shopping for any new items, whether its clothes or home goods. Living in a small New York apartment can be cumbersome when it comes to home organization. To kick off operation home organization, I started with the smallest space in my home, which is the bathroom.

It’s easy to go crazy with home organization, which is why I chose to start with the smallest space in my home. Instead of buying up every organizational container that I saw, I accessed my needs first. In my bathroom, I don’t have cabinets. It’s literally a sink, tub, and toilet. Since I don’t have cabinets, I put in shelves. However, my shelves started to look sloppy because I was just adding stuff to the shelves.

Home organization

After awhile the shelves were looking messy and it would take me a little extra time to find my face and body washes. To get organized, I headed over to Amazon and looked at some vanity organizers. I wanted to make it easier to find my daily beauty products, so I felt the organizers would be helpful.

To see how I organized everything, checkout the video below. Also, listed after the video are the products I used.

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