Jennifer Hudson and Donatella Versace

Yesterday Jennifer Hudson was spotted alongside Donatella Versace at the Whitney Museum Gala in New York City. She was pretty in pink. Her hair and makeup complimented the dress. The color was perfect for her coffee complexion. Thumbs up Jennifer on this one.

You can tell she has lost a couple of pounds. I wonder if she will become part of the shrinking curvy girls in Hollywood, like fellow actress America Ferrera. They become famous at their curviest and once fame hits, their weight comes off. Is it because of all that new money, or is it all the unflattering pics from the paparazzi, or, is it the pressure from Hollywood to lose weight? What do you think?

I would have never guessed that Donatella Versace would even want to pose next to anyone that was not skinny. Maybe she will decide to add more sizes to the Versace line. Ok, I am getting a little ahead of myself, but, a girl can dream can’t she?

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Do you like Jennifer’s pink dress?

**On yesterday’s post, I stated that Raven Symone had a show on Nickelodeon. That is incorrect. Her show That’s So Raven was on the Disney Channel.

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