My First Coachella Experience: What I Wore & Did

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

This past weekend I got to experience Coachella for the first time. Let’s just say the experience was fun, tiring, and exciting. These are all the emotions I felt simultaneously. Thanks to Simply Be, myself and 4 of my fellow influencers were given confirmation that we would be spending an entire weekend together. When I got the news that I was going, I was super excited. I spent days figuring out what to pack I read a ton of Coachella survival tips to prepare me for the unknown. L-R: Plus Model Mag editor Maddy, Sarah from Curvily, ME, Nicole from Curves On A Budget, Liz Black of PS Its Fashion

Coachella Day 1

The first day of Coachella was hot. Nothing could’ve prepared me for that dry heat and the long green mile walk into the festival. I swear we walked an entire mile to get in and went through about 4 security check ins. All I could think to myself was thank GOD I wore flats. There were some girls in heels. I was giving them major side eye. There was a lot of people on day one. 

Once we finally got through security my excitement started to kick back in once I saw the famous Ferris Wheel.Simply Be ruffled check print romper, Gladiator sandals

The first day I wore a super cute Simply Be plaid romper. It was perfect for the heat plus it was super comfortable for all the walking we did that day. That Friday we all sat in front of the main stage and waited to see The Weekend perform.

I only knew two Weekend songs, but his performance was sooo good.

Coachella Day 2

So on day two we decided to go the Saguaro hotel for an exclusive pool party. Let me just say that it is one of the most colorful and fun looking hotels I’ve ever seen or been to. They had so many spots that were begging for photo ops.

I spied this yellow wall and had to take a pic in front of it. For the pool party, I wore this floral kimono from Simply Be and tied it at the waist. Floral Kimono

Also, there was a LaCroix drink station, so I went to try out their new flavors.

We got hungry during the pool party and stopped at the hotel restaurant to order some drinks and food.

Day two was a long day for us because we went to the pool party first and then we went to the festival. Saturday was extremely exciting for us because BEYONCE was performing. We arrived at Coachella around 4pm, so we had a lot of time to kill before Beyonce’s performance. Luckily, Google invited us backstage to checkout Google Home and Google Pixel. We were photographed by the famous photographer Gunnar Pix. Don’t we look like a girl band? LOL! What would you name us?

I switched up my look a little bit for #Beychella. I left the kimono open and wore a white tank and lace shorts with a flower crown.

Kimono, Lace Shorts

Once 11PM hit, it was officially #Beychella and we were all here for it. I sung out loud, durrty wined, and twirled to all of Beyonce’s hits and when she brought out Destiny’s Child, I lost it. Screamed so loud the people in front of me turned their heads.

Coachella Day 3

On the third day of Coachella we were so beat that we all went to the hotel pool and just hung out for a few hours before we headed back to the festival later that evening. The view of the back of the hotel was beautiful. It faced the mountains.

And we had a blast in the pool. It was super hot that day so the pool kept us relaxed and cool. 

After the pool, we headed to the festival so we could see Eminem. Coachella looks beautiful lit up at night. 

We saw Eminem and he brought out Dr Dr. and the crowd went crazy.

For my final Coachella outfit, I opted for an ivory floral maxi dress from Simply Be.Floral maxi dress

My overall experience at Coachella was amazing. I had so much fun just being free. One of the things I notices is that everyone was there wearing whatever they wanted. No one had any inhibitions about their body. Girls were out there with crop tops, short shorts, sheer dresses, and just serving up some amazing style. You may want to checkout our Coachella street style to see some of the looks.


I also want to give a HUGE thank you to Simply Be for sending me on this trip with some amazing influencers. Make sure you checkout their new spring collections HERE

Also, checkout my Coachella vlog below and subscribe to the SC Youtube channel

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  1. April 27, 2018 / 6:01 pm

    Wonderful to see you working and playing. You deserve it. Your looks were awesome. Whose bathing suit were you wearing. Looked great.

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