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Hey  there beautiful curvy ladies,

We all love to follow the trends and wear what is in style. But how do you wear a popular trend like colored jeans with multiple looks? Never be after to try new things and try not over think what you’re wearing. Usually when you over think it, it always comes off as you’re trying too hard. Mix and match colors and prints. Have fun!!! Are you a fan of colored jeans? How do you wear your colored jeans?


Old Navy Rockstar Jeans

Old Navy Colored Jeans $29



Leopard Print Scarf

Riverland Leopard Scarf $10

Dorothy Perkins Denim Toip

Dorothy Perkins Denim Top $35

Zara Flats

Zara Flats $89.90

Forever 21 Nautical Single Button Blazer

Forever21 Nautical Blazer $34.80

Old Navy Tiered Floral Print Tanks

Old Navy Tiered Tank $29.94

Aldo Shoes

Aldo Shoes $50

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