Really? Karl Lagerfeld Paris Launches A Plus Size Collection With Stitch Fix

Hey curvy girls all over the world, 

This week, I received a surprise package from personal styling service Stitch Fix. Since I had no idea that they were sending me a package, I was excited to find out what was in it. When I opened the box, I saw a label that said Karl Lagerfeld Paris. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I said to myself, is this real. When did Karl Lagerfeld get down with the plus size community. Well, apparently he’s a fan because he just launched a full blown plus size collection with personal styling service Stitch Fix and I am giving it a side eye.

For those of you that may not know or may not remember, Karl Lagerfeld has not been a fan of fat women. Back in 2009 he said “curvy women should not walk the runway. Also, in 2013 Karl had more unfriendly words about plus size women. He once said Adele was “a little too fat.” He was quoted in his book The World According To Karl, saying, “It’s the fat women sitting in front of televisions with their pack of crisps who say slim models are hideous.” He was also being sued by a modeling agency for his fat shaming remarks (Read Here).

His rude comments were surprising since Karl use to be plus size himself. So I’m wondering what has changed ole Karl’s mind? Did he just wake up one morning and say I love fat people? I strongly doubt it. Nevertheless, here we are with a Karl Lagerfeld plus size collection in 2018. Wow!

Typically, when I write about new plus size collections, I write from an objective point of view. For some reason, with this collection, I couldn’t. This man has publicly fat shamed women. I guess fat shamers can change, right? This collaboration is a little bittersweet because of the comments Karl made in the past. However, to have an iconic fashion designer create something for plus size women is amazing.

The plus size fashion industry is a multi billion dollar business. Designers and retailers are jumping on the bandwagon but not everyone is genuine. For some reason, I am questioning the genuineness of this collaboration.

Does Karl still hate fat people or nah?

So, let’s talk about his Stitch Fix collection. It is filled with very feminine basic pieces. Some of them give off Chanel vibes. There’s a black and white tweed jacket that is reminiscent of the famed Chanel tweed jackets. There’s floral printed tops, dresses, and a short sleeve knit sweater with pearl details around the collar. The collection also offers a cute button up shirt with Karl’s iconic black shades all over it. There aren’t really any wow pieces. I can say the pieces are definitely made with quality. Stitch Fix sent me the Tweed jacket and pearl embellished sweater. The collection ranges in sizes from 1X-3X and 14W-24W. Prices range from $39-$148.

If you’re wondering why Stitch Fix and Karl Lagerfeld partnered together, here’s a quote from a spokesperson that was sent to Fashionista via email.

“Karl Lagerfeld Paris is excited to offer the Stitch Fix customer an exclusive opportunity to enter our world. Our partnership gives the opportunity for more American women to be part of a revolution in style and technology.”

There will also be a fall plus size collection as well.

A couple of plus size influencers were also sent pieces from the collection.

Checkout blogger Beauticurve in a Karl Lagerfeld Paris look from Stitch Fix.

Blogger Curvy Girl Chic

Stitch Fix is a good personal styling service and has one of the largest plus size offerings among other subscription services. I’ve tried the service and loved it (See HERE).

I want to hear from you. Are you here for Karl Lagerfeld plus size collection?

Want to try the pieces for yourself? You can sign up for Stitch Fix HERE

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