Save Your Coins! MAC Is Finally Launching The Aaliyah Collection

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

Earlier this week MAC announced that they finally have a launch date for the Aaliyah collection. Its all thanks to die hard Aaliyah fans. Last year, fans suggested that MAC’s next celebrity collaboration should be Aaliyah. There was even a petition for it. Well, now Aaliyah fans can get excited because the MAC X Aaliyah collection will be available online June 20 and it will hit shelves on June 21.

The collection will be a nod to the 90’s glam. So far, Mac has only released a select few photos from the collection. There is an eyeshadow palette with a medley of light to dark purple shades as well as a black and gold shade included.

There’s even a nude lipstick that looks like it would be flattering on a number of skin tones.

You can get more details on the MAC X Aaliyah collection HERE

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