Stylish Curves Of The Day: Chardline From Plus Size Beausion

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

It’s been almost a year since we’ve done Stylish Curves Of The Day. We used to do it faithfully atleast twice a week but submissions were getting low. Recently I was looking through some old SCOTD features and felt that we should bring it back. We are still going to accept subsmissions but I am also going to feature people that I see on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr, and feature them here. I love getting inspiration from other stylish curvy girls , so I just want to make sure that I am sharing their fab looks with ya’ll. Today, we are kicking off the feature with stylish curvy girl Chardline, who has her very own blog at

IMG_8064We asked Chardline how does she embrace her curves, and she had this to say:chardline-brittannytaylor-28Embracing my curves wasn’t always an easy task. Growing up in predominately white schools truly influenced how I saw myself. I always saw  that I was different.IMG_2143.JPG-

Today, I embrace what makes me different. Today, I see that my curves contribute to the beautiful person I am . chardline-brittannytaylor-40Through my journey of blogging, I realized that it’s not the clothes that make me beautiful, it’s me that makes the clothing look amazing!

From dark colors to extravagant sequins, I wear each color and pattern with pride. With the sidewalk as my private runway, I own these curves!
chardline-brittannytaylor-42 (2)

Thanks Chardline. Your looks are so refreshing and cute.


What do you think about Chardline’s looks?

If you would like to be featured for Stylish Curves of the day, send us an email at with atleast 4 photos of your best looks and a blurb on how you embrace your curves.

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