Fashion To Figure Teams Up With Tess Holiday For Eff Your Beauty Standards Merch

Influencer merch is the new wave. Youtube stars, fashion bloggers, and even models have merch. Buying merch is another way for followers to support their favorite personalities. This week a new brand of merch was released in the plus size community. Model Tess Holiday and Fashion to Figure partnered together to create some fun and colorful merch for Tess’s “Eff Your Beauty Standards” brand. Eff Your Beauty Standards X FTF is a streetwear collector’s capsule collection.

A few years ago, Tess created the hashtag #EffYourBeautyStandards as a way to stand up against societies standard of beauty. The hashtag has been used by millions of women, men, and young teens who feel they don’t fit into societies standard of beauty.

Tess Holiday says, “#EFFYOURBEAUTYSTANDARDS changed my life and means everything to me. It’s given me a sense of purpose and community. There is so much power in saying you’re more than societies narrow minded beauty standards.”

What’s amazing about this new collection is that it also includes influencers and activists from the LGBTQ community. Actress and Model Jari Jones is featured in the campaign. She says, ” I am a black woman, I am a trans woman, so with that #EFFYOURBEAUTYSTANDARDS allows me to be free, allows me to put myself out there, and to be most authentic self.”

You can shop the Tess Holiday and Fashion to Figure collection now. The collection features tees, totes, dresses, and accessories. These pieces are universal and go up to a size 4. Checkout Tess Holiday and Fashion to Figure #EFFYOURBEAUTYSTANDARDS HERE.

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