4 Products That Will Help Revive Thin Flat Hair

I. Detest. Flat. Hair. From my hairline to about 2 inches back, my hair is sort of thin. The rest of my hair is more dense but certainly not thick. If it says, “Volume,” on the package, it will be added to my cart. So I was very excited when we were sent Matrix Oil Wonders Volume Rose hair products to test out!

Matrix Oil Wonder Rose Volume line was made for people who have thin flat hair. Oil Wonder Rose was formulated to give thine flat hair lift! It’s salon quality and silicone free hair care. The Oil Wonders hair care may not be formulated for my hair, but I really liked it. The line is, as you guessed, rose scented. Very rose scented.

The shampoo cleaned my hair thoroughly without making my bleached ends feel stripped of what little moisture it has left. Since my hair is not entirely thin, the conditioner is not enough for my color treated hair. I have the frizziest hair in America so I need a powerful conditioner. However, I like to use the conditioner when I blow dry my hair.It was made to give volume so it wont’t make my hair go flat. While I like the scent of roses, this line is potent. I was concerned that I would walk around smelling like the rose garden. I noticed that when my hair dried, the scent faded.

The hairspray is the one item I would totally skip from this line. It’s not because it doesn’t perform well. It does! It held my curls well with making them crunchy or flaking. Unlike the other products in this line, where the rose scent settles and fades, the scent of the hair spray stays strong. Very strong. It made me sneeze and it made my dog sneeze. Seriously! It did. If you really like the smell of roses, you’ll like this hair spray. I just didn’t like the scentThe plumping mousse is the star of the show. I used it two different ways and loved how my hair turned out both times. After washing my hair, I applied a small amount of mousse to my bob length hair just to see how my hair would turn out. Remember, I said I have the frizziest hair in the Northern Hemisphere. I wanted to see if this mousse would have any kind of affect on it.

As my hair dried, I noticed it had more lift at the roots and it looked smoother! I was more than pleased. The other way I like to use this mousse is for blow drying my hair. After washing my hair, I like to use a t-shirt to squeeze out excess water in my hair. When my hair is damp, I add some mousse to my hair. I then blow dry my hair like I normally would. I my hair has lift and life and I love it!

You can checkout the Matrix Oil Wonders Volume products HERE

What are some of your favorite products to use to create volume?

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