We Asked 6 Women What Seeing Plus-Size Models At Versace Meant To Them

Fashion week has always adhered to the motto that the show must go on. And this season’s Versace show was no exception. The brand held a socially distanced presentation full of the excess and glamour that it is famous for. But there was something else that caught the eyes of consumers across the globe. They (finally) used top plus-size models!

Top Plus Size Models at the Versace Show

Find out what six women had to say about Versace using plus size models. In addition, these 6 women share their thoughts on the overall shift in the industry.

Maui Bigelow

Fashion Writer, Lifestyle Influencer and Owner PHAT Girl Bouteeque @mauibigelow

Seeing Precious rip the runway in Versace was a great moment. Not only as a plus-size woman but as a black woman too. We deserve inclusion and the time is now. It was also extraordinary to read that Precious has dreamed of working with the brand for years.  

Taya King

Podcast Host, The Stop At Central & Halsey @tayshouseofvinyl @thestopatcentralandhalsey

“I’m happy and pleased to see a shift in casting for runways to include curvy models. Thank you Versace for showing women of all shapes and sizes. I just hope that this becomes the norm for runways, so young girls can see truly themselves. Size truly doesn’t matter, we all have some magic to bring to the runway.”

Ashley Winrow

Freelance Communications Associate and Graduate Student @wheresthewater

Viewing the models felt like the representation that we have been needing in high fashion, but when will they start using larger black women? I would like to see someone of my size walking the runway in all their unapologetic struts and guts. It’s a step in the right direction that will hopefully lead us to the representation of larger sizes within luxury brands.

Danielle James

Founder and CEO Model Citizen  @theislanddiva

Versace including three curve models in their show illustrates the impact of the work being done in the fashion industry regarding size inclusion. I’m thrilled that a large, influential, high fashion brand used the runway to make a statement; however, we as a community and consumers need to push for more.


For real change, I’d like to see the sizes extended in Versace’s offering. Plus size women deserve high fashion offerings in luxe fabrics and innovative styles. I’m attending a wedding this weekend and had a dress custom made because I wanted something more than a body con dress made out of cotton and stretch.

Having plus size models come down a runway makes a great headline and will guarantee RT’s, but committing to expanding your size offerings, having size representation in your campaigns and on your website, as well as encouraging fellow designers to do the same is what enacts real change.

As a leader in the industry, I’m excited to see how Donatella and her team use their influence to further change. 

I’d also love to see Versace invite these models to the MET Gala or include plus size influencers in their PR rounds. 

It’s important that people see themselves on tv, the runway, and campaigns. When you don’t it creates a culture of limitations and oppresses those that don’t fit a specific standard.

Exclusion is indifference and we need to hold brands accountable and support designers and collections that support us. For example, Rue 107 is relaunching and dropped their straight size line to focus 100% on plus. If a designer is committing to my body type, I’m dedicating my dollars to them. 

Carla Dubose

Social Media Strategist and Graphic Designer @creneemonae

It was long overdue. Plus size women shouldn’t have to ask or wonder if they should be in these spaces, because they rightfully belong there.

Versace gave hope to my inner child who wondered if her size was built for fashion. Not only is it, but it is to be revered and respected for catapulting the change we need to see in so many industries.

Tyneisha Gibbs

Founder & Principal of 144th & Vine, LLC Nonprofit Consulting Agency @tyneishatalks

It was very affirming to see Versace use models in their runway show in Milan that represented the everyday woman. In the United States of America, the average woman’s size is 14/16, yet the fashion industry barely caters to us. Seeing that show signaled a shift for me. Seeing those models made me hopeful that beautiful designer clothes will be made for everybody in the future. I could certainly pull off those pieces and I have the coins to purchase them as well!

What did you think when you saw those beauties stomp the catwalk? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Precious Lee Instagram

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