I Tried A Corset For The First Time And Here’s What I Think About Them

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

To be honest, the thought of a corset was kind of scary to me. They just looked uncomfortable and seemed like they would squash you. I do like a good corset belt or top with corset details. However, the thought of an actual corset like the ones they wore back in the day, didn’t seem appealing. Now that we are in the age of social media, I’ve been seeing people wear corsets as a fashion statement and to make their waistlines look slimmer. I’ve always liked how corsets looked as a fashion piece. When they’re worn over a button up shirt with jeans or over a dress, they look really cute.

This month I had an opportunity to try out a corset and jumped at the chance because I was curious as to how they worked and what were the benefits of wearing one. When it comes to corsets there are quite a few different styles based on your needs. I wanted a corset that would help give me more of a shapely figure.

I went to a popular online site for corsets called Glamorous Corset. They have corsets that come in plus size. Their corsets are high quality and some of them can be worn as a fashion statement. I tried the plus size Lara cotton double steel boned waist training underbust corset.


When I unpacked the corset it felt a little heavy. It was thick and you could see that it was of good quality. My immediate thought was that it wouldn’t fit. I kept saying to myself, how is all of this gut going to make it in this corset. Thankfully, Glamorous Corset has an accurate size chart because the corset fit.

Before ordering the corset I measured the following:

-Under my breast

-My natural waist (the smallest part of my waist)

-My hips (the widest part)

After matching my measurements against the size chart, I got a size 34.

Glamorous Corset also sent a little how to book with the corset. The booklet details how to lace up your corset and how to put it on. When I put it on the first time, I had it on wrong. I was looking at the picture and realized the hook and closure in the front of the corset was going the wrong way. So, I had to take it off and put it on again, the right way. Now putting it on was not easy at first. However, the second time, I realized all I had to do was loosen up the laces enough to comfortably get over my shoulders and bust. Once I did that, I was golden. The corset fit like a glove.

Once I had it on, I can’t lie. I was feeling myself. My waist was snatched to the God’s hunty. LOL! It even lifted by breast and poked out my hips and butt. When I laced up the corset and pulled the strings tighter, I felt a little discomfort. I think I had to wear it for a while to get comfortable with it. 

I wore it around the house for a few hours. The more I wore it the more comfortable it felt.

Once I got comfortable with the corset, I noticed the following.

-My back was straight

-My posture significantly improved

-My breast were lifted

-My back was smooth

To be honest, I liked how the Glamorous corset looked with the black dress I was wearing. I thought to myself, this is an outfit. A cute nighttime look.

Here’s how it looks from the back. It definitely helps to smooth out and back rolls.

I wouldn’t wear a corset everyday. However, for events, special occasions, or even for a date night, I would definitely slip this corset on.

Have any of you ever tried a corset? If you’re thinking about trying a corset, make sure you checkout Glamorous Corset. Their customer service is excellent and they have corsets for all sizes and shapes. Most importantly, Glamorous Corset are high quality.

Also, you get free 2-day shipping when you order.

Checkout more from Glamorous Corset HERE

**This post was sponsored by Glamorous Corset. All opinions are my own.


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