The Best Plus Size ShapeWear For Your Body


It’s a new year and we’ve decided to tackle one of the questions we get asked the most. What shape wear should I be wearing? Whether you’re plus size or not, many women wear shapewear.  Shapewear is just an aid to help flatter your curves. Over the years plus size shapwear has gotten so much better. Plus size shapewear is sleek and sexy. It no longer looks like something your granny would wear.

When  putting an outfit together it’s important to find the right style of shape-wear that makes you feel both confident and comfortable and most importantly, keeps your jelly in place.Your foundations should enhance, smooth and support your figure but should never pinch, rub or cut off your circulation. If it is uncomfortable, it may be the wrong size or the wrong solution for you; try on several to find your favorite.There is a foundation solution for every body type and size.

We are listing some of the best plus size shapwear out there right now for all your body needs.


When it comes to shape-wear know your body. Focus on the areas where you would like more support or that you want to minimize. Shape-wear in my opinion is not always about finding the cutest or sexiest items,  it’s more about smoothing and supporting what you feel are your flawed areas.

Below is our mini breakdown of the shaper’s every plus size woman should have.

Let’s start with plus size shapewear for Back Smoothing. Let’s keep it real. Nobody likes their back fat exposed.


Back smoothing shape-wear is perfect when you want to smooth your back or waist without wearing a shaper on your lower half. This  shape-wear will smooth your back to create a seamless look across the back of your bra band and smooth and hold the lower back and tummy.

What To Wear it with: Fitted tops, t-shirts, and dresses



Plus Size Shapewear for Tummy and thigh controls and shapes the upper and lower tummy and  mid-thighs. It helps create a  waist. These styles can be worn under any outfit and offer excellent shaping and versatility. Panty cut styles, that do not come down on the leg, can be cooler and less likely to show under shorter hemlines.  To smooth the area from your waist, across the rear, and down to the thigh, the best choice is a legged shaper.

What to wear it with: Skirts, pants, and dresses


Corsets & Bodysuits


 Lane Bryant Get it HERE

Corsets help to whittle your waist and push up your breasts. They are a great night time option. We love this plus size shapwear corset from Simply Be.

Plus size shapewear

 Get it HERE

Body Suits can offer support especially if they have side boning and underwire in the breast cups. They create a nice upper body shape.

There are many different  brands of shape-wear , only you’ll be able to find the perfect brand and type. Shape-wear ranges from $10-$100, it’s ok to shop smart but remember shape-wear will be a long term investment. I always say a woman should always invest in 2 things undergarments and shoes.

Some of our favorite places to shop for plus size shape-wear  are


Bare Neccessities Bare Plus

Lane Bryant 


Fig Leaves

Do you have a favorite piece of shape-wear that you swear by?

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  1. July 31, 2017 / 2:08 am

    All these tips are more important for me and also some women who face some different kinds of problem to her body. I am plus size women. Should I use Shapewear to solve my waist size problem? Day by day my is creasing. I don’t any work properly. What is the name of the shapewear I should use to solve my problem?

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