Yours Clothing Body Positive Campaign Showcases Unconventional Body Types Through Life Size Drawings

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

When it comes to glorified bodies, we only see two specific body types celebrated. The pear and hourglass shape. When you’re only seeing those body types in the media it can cause you to be insecure. British based brand Yours Clothing has just launched a campaign that promotes size and shape diversity. The campaign features three bloggers with three different body types to convey there is no wrong way to have a body. Just because you don’t have the conventional body type, it doesn’t mean you have the wrong body. The goal of the campaign is to influence their customers to love who they are.

Yours Clothing  partnered with Nottingham College and created their body positive campaign in an artistic way. They’re showing body positivity via life size drawings. The three bloggers they chose were Hollie Burgess from Pretty Big Butterflies, Laura Ferry of What Laura Loves, and Kat Henry.

Yours Clothing Body Positive Campaign

Yours says, “In the campaign, the bloggers share their heartfelt experiences they have had as a result of being plus-sized. They take us on their journeys of self-love and by participating as the models in a life-drawing class, they intend to inspire women to love every inch of themselves too.”

Campaigns like this are always needed to help other women realize that their bodies are beautiful even if they don’t have a small waist. Also, size diversity within the plus size community is needed and needs to be accepted more. Some brands try to incorporate bigger models or not conventional shaped models and consumers give them flack for it. I think we have to continue pushing that envelope and not stop until it becomes the norm.

Yours Clothing Body Positive Campaign In addition to featuring the bloggers with different shapes and sizes, Yours is asking for you to take their pledge. They want you to “pledge to love yourself and empower your friends and family to love themselves too.” All you need to do is upload a photo of yourself and tag #TAKETHEPLEDGE and tag 5 friends that are beautiful to you.

Head over to Yours Clothing website to learn more.

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