Stylish Curves Spring Trend 2019 Plus Size Shopping Guide

Now that it is officially spring, it’s time to start changing things up in our wardrobes. So, today we are running down the top 2019 spring fashion trends. I believe that we all should upgrade our wardrobes with every season. The best way to upgrade your wardrobe is to incorporate a few new trends. You don’t have to go crazy with the trends but adding 2-3 of the moment trends can really take your wardrobe to the next level.

During fashion week for spring, we got to see a slew of plus size models hit the runway. Each year it gets better. What’s even more amazing about the fashion industry now is the amount of places plus size women can shop for current trends. Back in the day, we use to get trends a year behind. By then, it was no longer trend. We have come a long way.

2019 Spring Fashion Trends In Plus Sizes

Although there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to fashion, I have to say, some of the 2019 spring fashion trends are refreshing. There are a few looks we haven’t seen in awhile. Let’s take a look at some of the top trends and where you can shop them at in plus sizes.

Neon Spring Fashion Trend

11 Honore Runway Show

For the past couple of years we’ve been seeing neutrals and pastels. That is why I am super excited about the neon trend. I’m here for the neon greens, yellows, pinks, and oranges. Bright colors are back and they truly look amazing on a variety of skin tones.

Neon Sweater Skirt

Shop The Neon Trend in Plus Sizes

Snakeskin Print Trend

Thank goodness snakeskin has resurfaced. I was getting tired of seeing leopard as a trend. It’s actually a wardrobe staple. At least in my opinion. Snakeskin is a refreshing animal print and equally sexy and sassy as leopard print.

Gray Snakeskin Print Dress

Try the snakeskin print trend in plus sizes


This is the trend that will have you shimmying for no reason. If you’re looking to make a statement for spring, you should definitely try the fringe trend.

Strapless Dress

Get the fringe trend in plus sizes


This beach style trend is now perfect for everyday wear. We found kimono’s, tops, dresses, and skirts.


Shop the crochet trend in plus sizes

Tie Dye

We haven’t seen tie dye as a trend in a few years. It’s not always the most lovable print but a few plus size brands have us ready to give it whirl.

tie dye pants, top

The tie dye trend in plus sizes

Scarf Print

This is another refreshing 2019 spring fashion trend. While animal prints have been taking over, scarf prints are making a comeback. We are totally here for it.

scarf print dress

Shop the scarf print trend in plus sizes

Biker Shorts

There are some 2019 fashion trends that I have side eyed. Biker shorts are one of them. However, thanks to fashion influencers, I’ve decided to give them a try. One chic way to pull of this spring trend is by adding an oversized blazer or denim jacket.

Biker shorts

Shop the biker trend in plus sizes


I know Pantone said coral is the color for spring but a few designers said nope, we are going with yellow. Designers like Escada, Max Mara, and Carolina Herrera featured beautiful variations of yellow on their runways.

Ruffled Dress

Shop the yellow trend in plus sizes

Which 2019 spring trend will you be trying?

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