5 Must Have Comfortable Sexy Shoes


Hey there curvy ladies,

Heels are a staple piece for every women’s wardrobe. Most of us can’t get enough of wearing heels.They are apart of our every day lives. Is it possible to have comfortable sexy heels? We normally don’t hear these words comfortable and heels in the same sentence. It is ABSOLUTELY possible! The top 3 tips to finding comfortable heels are:

1. Try on the shoes. It is difficult to find the perfect shoe online unless you have a lot of experiences. It may time some time but it worth the hassle.

2. Practice walking in heels. Wear them to the supermarket or while cleaning. Practice does make progress. YouTube videos are very helpful as well. Here are some videos that were helpful to me in the past.

3. Shoe pads are extremely helpful because they add extra cushion and support. Dr. Scholl’s Sole Expressions are perfect.

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How do you make your heels comfortable? Or do you just suffer through the pain?

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