3 Ways To Boost Your Body Confidence With Fashion

Hey curvy girls all over the world, 

Whenever I have the opportunity to speak to people about building self confidence I always tell them how important it is to wear things that make you feel and look your best. I am a firm believer that clothing is magical. Regardless of your size or shape, clothes have the power to make you walk with your head held high and to put a little strut in your step. If you really think about it, you’ll realize that when you find a piece of clothing that you feel makes you look amazing, your reaction is to find more clothing like it. When you put on a dress, a top, or a pair of jeans that fit as if it were made for you, you’re not thinking negative thoughts about your body. You’re looking in that mirror and are only focused on how good you look. Am I right?

If you’re in a style rut or are not happy with the way your body is looking, I want to share some tips with you on how to build self confidence with fashion. Dress, Shoes

Checkout These Style Tips

Buy Clothes That Fit The Size You Are Now

I am sooo guilty of not doing this sometimes. Whether you plan on losing weight or not, buy clothes that fit you who you are now. I know how tempting it can be to buy something that is too small and think to yourself, I will be able to fit this when I lose weight. What winds up happening is that item will just sit in your closet because you can’t fit it. You’ll probably look at it and think negative or sad thoughts since you can’t fit it. Why do that to yourself? When you buy clothes that you like and that fit, it will keep your confidence level at a high.

Wear Clothes That Show Off Your Favorite Body Parts

This is one of my top tips. If you love your legs wear dresses and skirts that show them off. If you love your boobs, wear tops that play them up. If you love your waist, wear clothes that show it off. If you love your back, show that sucker off. It is better to have a closet full of clothes that make you feel and look your best. Honestly, it makes getting dressed so much easier. Take some time to figure out what you love about your body and choose pieces that accentuate them.  You’ll be excited to get dress everyday because you’ll know that every piece in your closet makes you feel good. Have you ever worn something that made you feel frumpy? It’s not a good feeling. 

Wear Clothes That Work Best For Your Shape

I’m just going to go ahead and say it. IT IS OKAY TO WEAR FLATTERING CLOTHING. These days, the word flattering has become blasphemous. Its a word that the body positive movement has rejected. However, personally, there is nothing wrong with wearing clothes that you know works for your shape. To me, knowing what flatters my body is just a guide to helping me make better choices when shopping. It takes the headache out. This is not say that you can’t wear other styles and silhouettes. We actually have a dress for your body type guide HERE.

Hopefully these tips help you find clothes that make you feel your best.


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