Lizzo Claps Back At Critics Over Minnesota Vikings Game Outfit

I’m quite sure by now you’ve heard about Lizzo and her cheeky (literally cheeky) outfit at the Lakers game. In an effort to defend and stand by her outfit choice and dance moves, Lizzo slams her critics. Although Lizzo is not the first celebrity to wear a risque outfit to a courtside game, she sure has the internet in an uproar over it.

When it comes to the backlash over Lizzos Laker game outfit, I have to be honest and say my thoughts and feelings are all over the place. For the most part I am team Lizzo but I do understand where a few of her critics are coming from.

What Lizzo Wore To The Lakers & Minnesota Vikings Game

In case anyone has missed it, Lizzo wore an oversized t-shirt and a thong to the Lakers and Minnesota Vikings game. The back part of the t-shirt was cut out at the bottom and exposed her cheeks and thong. After the cheerleaders asked if they could play her song “Juice” and dance to it, Lizzo said yes and proceeded to turn around and twerk and dance along with the cheerleaders.

Here’s What Lizzo’s Supporters & Critics Had To Say

The video and photos went viral on the internet and everyone and their momma had an opinion about it. Although Lizzo received a lot of negative comments, the body positive movement came out and showed her love and support. In addition, her supporters called out the double standard and body shaming from critics.

Lizzo Responds To Those Who Criticized Her Thong Outfit

Lizzo responded to all the negativity on Instagram live. She says that negative criticism has no control over her life. This has always been her and for anyone who doesn’t like it, they can kiss her a$$. That’s the juicy part of what she said but she did add some encouragement to her followers to always be themselves. Watch the Instagram video below to hear in detail her response.

After seeing what Lizzo wore and hearing the backlash, it reminded me of Nicki Minaj and how she was body shamed when she came out with “Anaconda” and wore a thong for the cover art. It seems that society doesn’t deem big butts in a thong appropriate but somehow finds it appropriate on thin women with small booties.

I know many people keep saying their disdain for Lizzo’s outfit has less to do with her size and more to do with the her wearing the outfit at an event with children. If that’s true, then why have cheerleaders prance around and gyrate in the tiniest outfits during the game? If its about the kids.

As much as people are trying to omit Lizzo’s size from this equation, you can’t. If another celebrity wore the exact same thing, they would not have received the level of backlash she did. Lizzo is woman who is comfortable in her own skin. The problem is the world is not comfortable with seeing someone her size loving herself and her body in a way that is not considered flattering.

Now, here’s what I can understand Lizzo’s critics on. She did wear a risque outfit. It is a shock to see any woman walking around in a thong that is not covered and sitting bare booty on a chair. I can’t lie, I would be looking and thinking that a basketball game may not be the best place to wear that type of outfit. However, I wouldn’t be tearing her down and body shaming her.

Let me know your thoughts on Lizzos Laker game outfit and the criticism she’s received. Leave a comment below.


  1. Nubian_Puerto
    December 11, 2019 / 8:58 am

    I don’t care if it was lady gags to beyonce( I’ve questioned all of them Ciara too) and now Lizzo, it’s tacky, wrong, inappropriate, nasty (IDC, who thinks I shouldn’t have used the word nasty). It was a disrespectful to those surrounding her.. I’m sick of the term we as women should be able to do whatever, show our bodies is art blah blah. No!! We need to have decency and modesty. You can still be sexy in a short-long skirt it’s all about how you fix it upon your body.. If I don’t want to see a man sagging what makes you think as a woman I want too see your butt. No, women are startung to allow men & their statmemt of making a point ruin them.. Being naked is not for the public eye. Stop being nasty. It was very poor taste on her and I don’t care about her being fat or skinny…. It’s a hot no… Children were there too, oh no…

  2. Aisha
    December 11, 2019 / 10:17 am

    I think the outfit is inappropriate. I don’t believe she is showing self love. I believe she is putting her hurt and insecurities on front street. I don’t think she is any worse than any other celebrity who is prostituting themselves. My issue is young women look up to her and think this is how confident women dress. You can be confident with clothes on. You can be confident and have values. She is a grown women and can do as she pleases but that doesn’t make it right.

  3. Kathy
    December 12, 2019 / 12:20 am

    My opinion…inappropriate. It is solely based on attire. There is a time and place for all things. Regardless of who wore that “outfit” it would have still been inappropriate in my eyes. There are lots of factors to address, assuming that they have merit to this issue. Lizzo’s size, women empowerment, skimping dressed cheerleaders, Lord the list of side issues are long, but these aren’t the issue. Her dress is the issue and it’s just not appropriate at that time & place.

  4. Roni
    December 17, 2019 / 3:16 pm

    For me it isn’t about size…I am a curvy woman too. It’s just not appropriate and makes me cringe. The article also posted a picture of Lady Gaga in her underwear at a game. Also cringe worthy. However she was up in a sports box and not on the game floor twerking. I support Lizzo with her music and her body positivity. I just don’t think this was the best way to put body positivity out there. I always say keep it classy and clean and you will never be in the wrong.

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