Beauty News: Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Has 16 New Shades Ranging From Fair Porcelain To Java

Hey curvy girls all over the world,

If you love Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation but found they didn’t have your shade, get excited, because now they do. Last week, Maybelline announced they were launching 16 new shades in their Fit Me Foundation. Fit Me is one of their most popular foundations. For awhile the shades were limited. Now, that they’ve added 16 more shades, women all over the world should be able to find a match. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 16 new shades

I’ve tried the Fit Me foundation in matte poreless and the formula is amazing. Especially to be a drugstore foundation. However, as a dark skinned woman the deepest shade (360 Mocha) was still a tad bit too light. I always longed for just one shade darker. I’ve also heard women who were fair skin not finding a shade light enough. So, the new 16 shades will definitely help out a myriad of women.

The new shades range from 102 Fair PorcelainMaybelline Fit Me Foundation 16 new shadesTo the new darkest shade called Java 375
Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 16 new shades

It has always boggled my mind why a wider range of foundation shades aren’t common in the beauty industry. Women come in all different skin tones and finding the right foundation shade should be easy. While I am appreciative of the new shades, I’m hoping that Maybelline adds more fair and deeper shades to all their foundations and powders.

The new shades are available on Amazon and in Walmart stores.


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Have you tried the Fit Me foundation, if so, how did you like it?

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