Finally A Sneaker Community For Plus Size Women

When it comes to sneakers or athletic streetwear plus size women are often left out of the conversation. Even though big brands like Nike and Adidas have started to include plus size models in their advertisements. If  you go to any sneaker lovers page on social media, you won’t see many photos of plus size women.

For years plus size influencers have voiced their frustrations about the lack of representation. As a result of being ignored, two plus size influencers decided to create a community for plus size sneakerheads. Meet “Thick Laces.”

Photo Credit: Essie Golden Instagram

A New Community For Plus Size Sneakerheads

Thick Laces was created by plus size model and influencer Essie Golden of Golden Confidence and influencer Katie Alexis of Kurvy Katie. These ladies joined forces to create a sneaker community for plus size women who love sneakers and streetwear. In an IG video to introduce the new plus size sneakerheads community, Co-founder Essie Golden said,

“For the past two years I’ve really been into sneakers, learning and growing. While I was learning and growing I was searching and looking at different pages and often these pages weren’t showcasing plus size women. We are always left out of the conversation. So, if you don’t see it you gotta create it.”

Representation Matters

I am excited about Thick Laces. The sneaker community is immense and continuously growing. We are seeing more female sneakerheads representing. So, there is no reason why plus size women shouldn’t be acknowledged. I think having a platform like Thick Laces will help people see why plus size women should be included. One reason why is the fact that representation matters.

Although Thick Laces is a new community the founders have already hit the ground running with publishing fresh content. In addition, they’ve created a team of influencers to help keep their page updated with style inspo from plus size women all over the world. You’ll also find updates on the latest sneaker releases as well as shopping discounts from brands like Puma, Nike, and Adidas.

Photo Credit: Kurvy Katie Instagram

If you haven’t already, make sure you follow “Thick Laces” even if you’re like me and are not so much of a sneaker head, you’ll definitely find outfit inspiration. I’ve already recreated a few outfit ideas because of the looks they posted on their community page.

Checkout Thick Laces on Instagram


What are your thoughts on plus size women being left out of the sneaker community?



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  1. Nubian_puerto_rrrricam
    August 2, 2020 / 11:31 pm

    I’ve really never paid any attention because I’m looking at the feet not person. I’ve seen a couple here & there before. Yes! Why not represent all bodies..

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