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Nike Debuts A Plus Size Mannequin That Actually Looks Plus Size

When we talk about size inclusivity, sportswear is often not included. Especially when it comes to advertisement. Somehow, people think that plus size women don’t workout or need activewear for playing sports. Contrary to popular belief plus size women workout and play sports. So why not have them represented in the sportswear market? Well, for the past few years Nike has been taking gradual steps to include women of all shapes in sizes in their ads. This month, they debut an ACTUAL plus size mannequin in their Nike Town London store.

Nike Set

Nike Plus Size Mannequin

Over the weekend, Nike’s plus size mannequin photo has basically gone viral. Of course the plus size community was excited about it. This is not your regular plus size mannequin. This mannequin has BODY. You’ll see thicker thighs and it even has a pooch aka fupa. Anytime plus size women see true plus size mannequins represent us in store, we get hyped.

Plus Influencers & Models In Nike Plus Size Ad

If you’ve been keeping up with Nike within the last two years, then you know they’ve tapped a few plus size influencers and plus size models to be part of their ad campaigns. In addition, they’ve expanded their plus size collections.

Plus Size Athletes In Nike

It makes sense for a huge sportswear brand like Nike to embrace and create quality products for plus size women. There are plus size athletes like Michelle Carter who was the 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist in the shot put.

Track and field athlete Amanda Bingson who has broken Olympic records. As you can see, plus size women are not monolithic. We do everything that non plus size women do. We are out here breaking Olympic records.

However, even if we are just hitting the local gym or taking a long stroll, we deserve stylish sportswear in our size and we deserve to be represented in the ads from the brands who serve us.

How Nike Celebrates Size Inclusivity

According to CNN, in a press release, Nike said the following, “To celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of sport, the space will not just celebrate local elite and grassroot athletes through visual content, but also show Nike plus size and para-sport mannequins for the first time on a retail space.”

Nike has been doing some amazing things in the UK and has made shopping for plus size sportswear in the U.S. significantly easier by offering 1X-3X and selling it at Nike stores. You can even shop Nike plus size sportswear at Nordstrom and Macy’s. They are one of many retailers who are pushing forward the size inclusivity movement and we are here for it.

As a plus size woman, I think its nice to finally see larger women and even mannequins represented in public and not private. There have been brands that offered plus size sportswear but you wouldn’t know it. So, when brands like Nike put their money into things like this it makes a huge impact.

You can shop Nike plus size sportswear HERE

What are your thoughts on the Nike plus size mannequin?

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The Perfect Plus Size Summer Blazers You Didn’t Know You Needed

Some of you may be giving me the side eye right now. I know, I know. You’re wondering who in the heck wants to wear a blazer in the heat. Well, you will be pleasantly surprised that a summer blazer is a wardrobe must have. Especially this year and I’m actually here for it. A good summer blazer is lightweight and comes in nice bright colors and summertime prints. Summer blazers are your go to for those breezy nights and early mornings. If you work in an office that feels like Iceland, then you need a summer blazer.

When it comes to finding the perfect summer blazer you should look for styles designed with lightweight fabrics light linen. You can also go for cotton or polyester blends as well.

My Favorite Plus Size Summer Blazer

Talbots Madras Classic Blazer

I always think of blazers as a finishing touch to a simple look. Anytime its not humid and the weather is warm and breezy, I’m wearing a cute little lightweight blazer. Since I’m always working on expanding my outerwear wardrobe, this year seemed like the perfect time to add a summer blazer. After checking out a few new summer collections, I found a colorful plaid check blazer that goes with all of my denim.

This plaid classic summer blazer from Talbots is a linen cotton blend with flap pockets and a fold over collar. It’s the kind of blazer that makes a pair of jeans and a t-shirt look like a well thought out outfit. It looks good with both light, medium, and dark wash denim.

The next time I wear it, I’m going to pair it with a white body con dress and neon strappy sandals for a chic and sexy look. Below is a roundup of some pretty stylish plus size summer blazers that you’ll want to wear everyday.

Shop Plus Size Summer Blazers

Can we just take a moment and talk about this orange double breasted blazer. It has light stretch and the color is AHMAZING.

Plus Woven Double Breasted Blazer

Eloquii Belted Pomegranate Blazer

Fluro Pink Suit Blazer

Stretch Double Breasted Blazer

No wardrobe is complete without a white blazer

Classic Summer Blazer

Chain Print Ruched Blazer

Linen Plus Size Blazer

Striped Oversize Blazer

Belted Blazer

Will you be adding a summer blazer to your wardrobe?

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Plus Size Summer Fashion Finds Under $100

As summer is quickly approaching, I have been picking up a few pieces to jump start my summer wardrobe. This season the trends have been amazing and most importantly wearable. One of my style challenges was to wear more color and bold prints. So far, I’ve been meeting my challenges. Especially the print challenge. This season I’ve found a slew of on trend stylish plus size dresses, tops, and bottoms.

Skirt: JCPenney

Summer Plus Size Fashion

I decided to round up everything in a video and show you guys via a HUGE haul. Many of the pieces chosen can help you create some really stylish summer outfits. There are pieces that will work for day and night. Even for those cool summer events you might have. In addition to this being a huge all, you’ll find that every piece is under $100.

Checkout this Epic summer plus size fashion haul. Links to all the pieces are in the description box on the Stylish Curves Youtube channel.

Watch the video below

Subscribe to the Stylish Curves Youtube channel HERE

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Ashley Graham & Swimsuits For All Just Dropped A New Collection Featuring Ashley’s Sister

It’s officially swimsuit season and Swimsuits For All just launched their summer 2019 collection. Ashley has done countless collections with the brand. However, this time around she teamed up with her sister Abigail. For this swimwear campaign, the two sisters celebrate friendship, their support for one another, and encouragement.

Ashley Graham Swimsuits For All Summer 2019 Campaign

This campaign was shot on the beach in Punta Canta. What’s cool about this campaign is seeing the different body types between the two sisters. Both women are serving up their curves in sexy, fun, and on trend swim looks. It’s always nice to see two women supporting and celebrating each other.

In a press release from Swimsuits For All, Abigail says, ” I love to support Ashley in everything she does, especially when it comes to promoting her message of beauty beyond size. As children, Ashley and I created a very tight bond that we have been able to carry over to adulthood. Every summer, we would go on road trips together to different states. I’ll never forget Ashley getting stung by jellyfish in Florida. It was hilarious! I’ll forever be grateful for the sisterly love we have for one another and will never forget the special moments we shared during the photoshoot in Punta Cana,”

Stylish Plus Size Swimsuits For All Body Types

The 9-piece swim collection features mesh panels, netting, exotic florals and animal prints. There’s a  Phenom Triangle Monkini, Red Orange Heiress High Waist Bikini, and GalaOneShoulderOnePiece. All the swimsuits are under $104, you can shop the Ashley Graham x Swimsuits For All Summer 2019 collection right now at Swimsuits For All

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New Clothing Community Part & Parcel Gives Plus Size Women A Way To Earn Money & Shop Plus to Plus

Although plus size fashion has come a mighty long way, it still needs to make some necessary changes. One of the most common practices for designing plus size clothing is just grading straight size clothing up to fit a plus size woman. That’s a big no no. Clothing on a plus size women is going to fit differently than it does on a non plus size woman. This means that plus size women are going to need their clothes cut and designed in a different way to account for our different shapes.

There have been quite a few brands that have tackled this issue and succeeded. While others not so much. This month, a new brand called Part & Parcel has entered the plus size fashion realm with a new way for plus size women to shop and earn money. Part & Parcel CEO Lauren Jonas is a former blogger who has created a company that is making it much easier for plus size women to shop for clothes made with them specifically in mind.

Some of you may remember Lauren as a plus size blogger pioneer. Back in 2007-2008 she had a blog called “The Pear Shape.” Part & Parcel is Jonas’s latest project. Lauren in giving plus size women a better and more personal way to shop.

How Part & Parcel Works

Part & Parcel is a community. So, you can buy and sell clothing. If you want to buy clothing, you can shop plus size clothing from Part & Parcel’s partners. Clothing options are versatile and offer dimensional sizing options to ensure that your clothes will fit you. Sizes range from 0X-6X. Also, you’ll find that they offer shoes. Shoe sizes range from 7-13 and come in wide width. The cool thing about Part & Parcel is that everything is designed to fit you well. You won’t have to worry about gaping tops, too tight jackets, or ill-fitting pants. As for style, you’ll be able to choose for basic and classic options like wrap dresses, blazers, and flowy circle skirts.

Part & Parcel’s dimensional sizing options allow you to choose from standard plus size sizes in an item or you can request more room aka dimensional sizing in certain areas. Their dresses also have self adjustable waistlines. Dimensional sizing is actually a common standard in mainstream fashion. It’s almost groundbreaking when it comes to plus.

Before shopping, you’ll complete a brief survey and then be paired with a partner to help understand your fit needs. It’s like getting custom clothing without the hassle.

How To Earn Money On Part & Parcel

So, if you want to make money from Part & Parcel its super easy. Once you buy and wear your pieces, you can actually promote them in a any way you want. You can promote on social, have groups or meetups, and earn 30% off the sales you make when someone buys the clothing because of you.

This is a fairly new and innovative concept in the plus size community. What separated Part & Parcel from the rest is the fact that you can buy clothing that is guaranteed to fit you like it was customized for your body. In addition, its cool that they’re using non traditional plus size women in the promotional pictures. This is truly a brand that is for plus size women.

You can checkout more and join the community at Part & Parcel

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Must Have Plus Size Denim Dresses You Need For Spring

When it comes to wardrobe staples, a denim dress is a must have. Even if you’re not a fan of denim. Denim dresses have evolved over the years. Gone are the days of matronly denim dresses. This year denim dresses are sexy, chic, and cool. Also, we are starting to see more plus size brands offer denim dresses in a variety of styles. If you don’t have any spring plus size denim dresses in your wardrobe or are on the hunt to upgrade your denim dresses, then you need to checkout this round up of plus size denim dresses.

Plus Size Denim Dresses You Need

In my wardrobe I have at least 3 denim plus size dresses. They all serve their own purpose. I have a relaxed belted denim dress that I can throw on with flats and sneakers. Then there’s a body con denim dress for fun daytime events, and I also have a denim dress that’s a little more polished and would work for the office or even a business meeting.

Although I own quite a few denim dresses, I’m always looking for new ones to add to my wardrobe. Last month, I found a few new styles and happily grabbed up a ruffled sleeve exposed denim dress from Ashley Stewart. Now, it has been awhile since I’ve shopped at Ashley Stewart. One day I just decided to checkout the site and stumbled across this denim dress.

Ashley Stewart Ruffled Sleeve Zip Up Dress

What’s so cool about this Ashley Stewart dress is the exposed zipper and the dramatic ruffled sleeves. It makes this dress perfect for a daytime event. It gives you the right amount of interest needed to make a statement.

For my first time wearing it, I added a pair of suede ankle strap nude sandals, a textured stretch belt, and a pair of tassel earrings. Then I completed the look with a faux suede tan bag.

Now that I’ve upgraded my wardrobe with a new snazzy denim dress. I want to help you find a new one to add to your wardrobe this spring season. Below is a round up of spring denim dresses.

If you have more of a classic style, checkout this wrap denim dress from Loft. It is perfect to take you from work to weekend.

Button Front Denim Dress

Chambray Ruffle Denim Dress

Denim Western Shirtdress

Strapless Bodycon Dress

Rita Denim Maxi Dress

Denim Midi Overall Dress

Shop more spring plus size denim dresses

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Eloquii Challenges Unconscious Bias in the Workplace With Their “Model That” National Campaign

This month Eloquii, the powerhouse retailer has launched their first ever national campaign. The new campaign challenges workplace weight discrimination and unconscious bias in the workplace and beyond. “Eloquii is on a mission to shed light on the preconceived notions around the profile of a woman behind a certain career. The national campaign features a former chef and ultra-marathon runner, a state-elected representative, Emmy award-winning TV producer, chief engineer, costume designer, army vet and registered nurse, along with a law enforcement professional.”

Eloquii #ModelThat Campaign Against Workplace Weight Discrimination

Most people don’t realize the bias that plus size women receive in the workplace because of their size. Plus size women are discriminated against and often ridiculed. According to Mariah Chase, Eloquii’s CEO, ” Research shows that workplace work discrimination and stigmatization are becoming more prevalent. Eloquii’s #MODELTHAT campaign was created to breakdown barriers, stereotypes, and bias within the workplace and society. As always, Eloquii wants to celebrate women who are changing the world.

In addition, Eloquii’s campaign message is about more than stylish clothes. It’s also about celebrating some amazing women. In the campaign you’ll meet a group of women who are leaders and have amazing professions. These women are showing that you can be bold, beautiful, and smart. These women are also the new ambassadors for the #MODELTHAT campaign.

Below is a brief description of each of the women and the styles they’re wearing.

Meet The #ModelThat Ambassadors

Meet Akilah who is a military vet, mom, and holds a doctorate in nursing. She’s wearing the one shoulder jumpsuit.

Allison is a Law Enforcement Officer and she’s wearing the ruffled detailed maxi dress

Latoya The Chef is wearing the Drama Fringe Pants

Palencia is the Deputy Director and Chief Engineer of the City of Detroit Water and Sewerage Department. She’s wearing the belted blazer dress

Sarah is an Emmy Award Winning Producer. She’s wearing the puff sleeve fit and flare dress.

Kristen is a costume designer and special effects makeup artist. She’s wearing the Striped Dolman sleeve dress

Alma is the youngest elected State Representative in Arizona. She is wearing a pomegranate blazer and wide leg pants.

Read more about these ladies and checkout the new collection at Eloquii.

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How To Look Chic At Work During The Summer/Plus Size Style

We are in the middle of July and its starting to steam up out there. This is the part of summer when getting dressed for work can be exasperating. Especially if you work in a corporate environment where the dress code is not casual. I remember working in the financial district in NYC and seeing women in full blown suits or itchy crepe dresses while its blazing hot outside. Luckily my office adopted the business casual dress code. It gave me a little more freedom than most.

Even if you work in a casual office environment, you still want to look polished and professional at work but you also want to remain cool and comfortable. So, today we are rounding up a few summer wardrobe essentials that you can wear to the office (perfect for any dress code) and look chic and most importantly feel cool and sweat free in.

Checkout our picks below for some great office looks for the summer.

Cotton Tee Dress

What’s so great about this dress is although its a t-shirt dress it has all the right bells and whistles to dress up or down. The belted waist and knee length makes it look more professional. Slip on a pair of ankle strap or pointed toe heels for the office and rock a pair of flats or sneakers with it on the weekend.

Try a printed midi dress like this gingham style.

ASOS Curve Midi Dress

For a more corporate setting we love this short sleeve midi dress

D Ring Belted Midi Dress

A shirtdress in a pretty summer color is another stylish option for the office.

Loft Tie Waist Short Sleeve Dress


Button Detail Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are a work wardrobe staple. This summer try a pencil skirt with a few details like this button front look.

Or try a pencil skirt in a bold and colorful print. Pair it with a solid color top and you’re good to go.

Neoprene Printed Pencil Skirt

Not into pencil skirts? Then go for a pastel colored pleated skirt.

Pretty Pleated Skirt

READ THIS: 10 Shirtdresses Perfect For The Office

Since it’s hot you also want to look for chic tops that are lightweight. A classic button up or sleek tee will do. However, try to look for tops that have fun or interesting details and will pair well with skirts or pants. This ruffled bib top is perfect for tucking into a pencil skirt or leaving un-tucked with a pair of pants. You can even rock it on the weekend with jeans.

Stripe Bib Top

An alternative to a classic button down is a collared shirt with a v-neck. This ruffled sleeve style is on trend and cute.

Ruffled Sleeve Top

Or go for this pick collared button up shirt with color contrasting trim.

Pick Collared Blouse

If you’re the kind of working girl who likes to wear jackets and blazers because your office is cold, give your co-workers Miami Vice vibes with a  classic white blazer.

One Button Blazer

Or try a 3/4 sleeve blazer in a dressy style. This striped balloon sleeve belted blazer is an uber chic option for the summer.

Pinstripe Puff Sleeve Blazer

No summer work wardrobe is complete without a pair of chic trouser pants. Try a pair with in a rich bold hue.

Straight Leg Trouser

You can also go for a wide leg pinstriped pair. Love these with the belted waist.

ASOS Curve Pinstripe Trousers

Now, lets talk shoes. If you don’t drive to work or live in a big city where you have to commute by train or bus, then you are most definitely going to want a pair of flats. For sure. It is not cute when your feet hurt and you have an hour long commute to the office.

Open toe flats are a good choice for summer shoes that you can wear to work. Lane Bryant actually has some cute shoes in wide width that will be comfortable too.

Open Toe Flower Sandals

A classic pair of flat ankle strap sandals is a nice option as well.

Two Strap Flat Sandal

As for heels, you can have a lot of fun or keep it simple and cute. Below are a few options.

Lace Block Heels

Stripe Ankle Strap Heels

Open Toe Mules

Classic Pumps

Ankle Strap Sandals

Get Outfit Inspiration From Some Of Our Favorite Fashion Bloggers

Girl With Curves

Grown and Curvy Woman

Jay Miranda



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Come Shopping With Me For Fun & Flirty Summer Dresses

Summer is on the way and now that we are moving into consistent warmer temps, its time to start dressing like it. Next to sandals, my go to pieces when building a summer wardrobe is dresses. I hit up my favorite stores and scoured the internet to find fun and flirty plus size summer dresses. This year I’m heavily into off the shoulder styles, floral prints, and ruffles.

Come Shopping With Me

Actually, to kick off summer shopping, I’m hosting an event at Lane Bryant on May 4th in New York City. From 2pm-4pm I will be at the Lane Bryant Downtown Brooklyn store helping some of you find your perfect dress.

I was in Lane Bryant earlier this week and found this fantastic off the shoulder floral ruffled detailed dress. The color was perfect for my skin tone. It is the kind of dress that moves when you walk.

Plus Size Summer Dresses

Off The Shoulder Ruffle Maxi Dress

I love how this flirty plus size summer dress made me look and feel. It’s flattering to my shape. I wanted to keep the look bright and decided to add a pair of nude ankle strap sandals from Lane Bryant.

As for accessories, I went with a pair of colorful stone hoop earrings and a matching bracelet.

Checkout a few more fun and flirty plus size summer dresses that caught my eye at Lane Bryant.

Checkout More Summer Dresses From Lane Bryant

Floral off the shoulder sheath

Chiffon Maxi Dress

Also, if you live in the NYC area I would love to see you on May 4th between 2-4pm to shop with you.

READ THIS: Eco-Friendly Activewear

*This post was done in collaboration with Lane Bryant. All opinions are my own.

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Eco Friendly Plus Size Activewear

This year my goal is to be more focused on my well being. I want to be more conscious about what I eat and how much television and social media I consume. In addition, I want to make sure that I start being more eco-conscious when it comes to clothing. To be honest I never really thought about being eco-friendly when buying clothing. However, once I found out what eco-fashion was and how it impacts the world, I started becoming more interested in finding eco-conscious clothing.

What Is Eco-friendly Fashion

Eco-fashion is all about creating fashion that has a positive impact on the environment and social responsibility. It’s about changing the way clothing is made from beginning to end. Sustainable fashion deals with the social, cultural, ecological, and financial systems.

Plus Size Eco-Friendly Activewear

One of my go to shopping brands just started to include plus size eco-friendly activewear. Lane Bryant’s Livi Active now offers eco-chic activewear. The new collection has wicking technology, supportive stretch, and moisture resistance. Since working on my physical well being by getting outside and walking everyday, I decided to test out the new plus size eco-friendly activewear collection.

plus size eco-friendly activewear
Livi Wicking Eco Chic Leggings

What’s cool about Livi Active’s new collection is that it’s made with sustainable, eco-friendly fabric. It was created with super-soft REPREVE® fiber made from recycled plastic bottles. Each pair contains 78% recycled plastic, or 23 recycled plastic bottles.

Livi Active did not sacrifice style, comfort, or quality with this collection. I ordered the Eco-Chic Wicking Active 7/8 Leggings. They’re so cute and soft to the touch. The leggings feature a colorblock splicing across the legs. Also there are pockets on the thigh. There’s an elastic waistband that is very comfortable and doesn’t pinch the skin.

plus size eco-friendly activewear
Livi Active Tee

The wicking leggings also come with a matching active tee which has a longer length and a v-neck opening. It even has a stretch fabric for comfort and its easy to move around in.

plus size eco-friendly activewear

Checkout the full Livi Active Eco-Chic collection

*This post was done in collaboration with Lane Bryant. All opinions are my own.

Photo Credit: M.Jones Imaging